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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th August 2022 Sai shifts unconscious Pakhi to her room and changes her clothes. She then opens the door and calls Virat in. Virat says his son is talking to him. Pakhi opens eyes and looks at them. Sai with Virat takes her baby in front of god’s idol and thanks god for giving them Vinayak. Pakhi walks out and writhes in pain.

Virat rushes to her and makes her sit on a sofa. He praises Pakhi for acting brave. Pakhi says he was brave to perform her delivery alone. Virat says Sai supported him and says he would have taken her to hospital if climate was not bad and she wouldn’t have to face so much pain. Pakhi says she is happy that she could bring a baby on earth and asks him if he can give Vinayak to her.

Sai hands over Vinayak to Pakhi. Pakhi pampers baby. Sai says she feels they should let Vinayak with Pakhi for some time to make him feel the warmth of a mother. Chavans return home. Ninad happily tells Ashwini that they became grandparents.

Ashwini emotionally holds Vinayak and thanks god. Whole family rejoices seeing Vinayak. Virat announces to welcome Vinayak Virat Chavan in their family. Whole family pampers Vinayak. Bhavani holds Vinayak next and asks Ashwini to perform Vinayak’s nazar. Ashwini says when she loves Vinayak so much, her nazar wouldn’t fall on him.

Bhavani shows Vinayak to her husband and asks if she fulfilled her responsibility properly, she is hold their family’s third generation in her hands. Omkar says Nagesh dada must be feeling happy wherever he is. Devi says tomorrow is raksha bandhan festival and his elder sister Harini is in boarding school, so she will tie him rakhi on Harini’s behalf.

Ashwini thanks Sai and Virat for giving her such a priceless gift. Bhavani tells Virat that he became a doctor from a policeman. Rajiv says they all are surprised. Mohit salutes Virat. Virat says he just followed Sai’s instructions. Sai says she just gave him instructions and Virat did practicals, he is the real hero today. Ashwini emotionally hugs Pakhi.

Sai also hugs Pakhi. Bhavani says Sai should thank Pakhi for bringing Vinayak in this house. Ashwini say she wants to truly thank Pakhi forgetting all their past differences. Pakhi says she just needs her blessings. Ashwini blesses her. Sai says let us let Pakhi rest and get some clothes for Vinayak.

Sai takes baby to her room and emotionally tells Virat how she first came into his room, then fell in his love, then they united and now they a reward of their love their son. Virat agrees. Sai says she will clean Vinayak and put some clothes on him. She steps on broken photoframe and starts bleeding.

Virat removes glass strands from her foot, makes her sit next o Vinayak, and first-aids her foot. Sai holds Vinayak and says she is lucky to experience the feeling of a mother with Vinayak’s arrival as she never saw her mother.

She thanks Virat for his support. Virat says Vinayak completed their family and he is very happy. He takes Vinayak in front of Kamal’s, Sai’s Aaba’s, photo and says he is feeling very emotional and knows that Kamal would have said Sai that his mother became a mother today. He describes howmuch he feels proud of Sai that she became a doctor with her hard work.

Vinayak pees on him. Sai laughs and says she will clean Vinayak and then take him to Pakhi to feed him. She takes Vinayak to Pakhi and asks her to feed Vinayak. Pakhi does same. Sai thanks Pakhi. Pakhi asks why is she thanking when she threatened her not to provoke her or else she will face the consequences.

Sai says she wants them to forget all the old differences and start afresh for Vinayak’s sake. She asks Pakhi to forget her challenge to make Virat handover Vinayak to her and take care of Vinayak as she herself handed over Vinayak to Pakhi. Pakhi asks if she wants her to forget Sai’s misbehavior.

Sai says she didn’t misbehave with her and just was protective of her child, so they should forget the past and bringing up Vinayak together as her biological and foster mother. Ashwini walks in and says everyone are waiting to hold Vinayak. Sai says they all have to wait till Vinayak wakes up. Ashwini leaves. Pakhi smirks at Sai.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai gets Pakhi arrested for tricking her and becoming a surrogate even after her warning and risking baby’s life. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong, but she is a family member. Sai says she will not spare anyone who will support Pakhi and will get even them arrested. Virat asks if she will get him arrested.Sai says if he tries to bring Sai back into this house, she with her baby will permanently leave him and his house.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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