Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th October 2022 Sai asks Virat since Vinayak is having trouble in his legs. Virst says since childhood. Sai asks when he started walking. Virat says initially Vinayak started leg pain and later it increased. Sai says she will question him about Vinayak’s medical history again if needed.

Savi shows a rack to Vinayak and says she will keep the trophy he wins in running race there. He notices a beautiful dress and says its very beautiful. Savi says she kept it for a special occasion. Vinayak says she can wear it for her parent’s anniversary a day after tomorrow. Savi says she will wear it when she will meet her father and happily hugs Vinayak.

Chavans praise Bhavani for supporting an orphanage from where they got Vinayak. Bhavani says even Vinayak supports orphanage a lot and discusses about inaugurating a pediatric medical center at an orphanage. She says every year, she does charity to the hospital via Virat and Pakhi during their anniversary.

Usha informs Sai about a doctor’s requirement at the new pediatric medical center at an orphagne and asks her to apply for it. Sai agrees and calls orphanage. Bhavani with Virat and Pakhi reaches orphanage. Orphage manger Swati welcomes them and thanks Bhavani for being a biggest donor for their orphanage.

She informs them about hiring a new doctor for the center and asks Virat to inaugurate it. Pakhi says doctor should inaugurate the event as medical is a noble profession. Swati says then both Virat and the doctor should inagurate the center. They all 3 agree.

Swati brings Sai in and introduces to them as the most deserving doctor for the center. Bhavani yells that she shouldn’t have selected Sai. Swati assures that Sai is highly qualified for the position, but Bhavani gets adamant. Sai says let it be as some people won’t chance in life and think only what they think is right, Swati should continue her search for a doctor. Swati request her to stop.

Virat confronts Bhavani for questioning Sai’s ability and says Sai is the best doctor for this center as she is his son’s doctor, she shouldn’t deprive the center of a good doctor because of their bitter past. Bhavani takes Virat aside and says he is repeating the same mistake and hitting an axe on his foot.

Virat says Sai is favoring them by treating Vinayak for free, this is the best way to return Sai’s favor. Bhavani says Sai will ruin everything again. Virat says Sai is a good doctor and would take care of orphanage children well, she will not let Nagesh kaka or Chavan family name ruined, etc. Bhavani stands silent. Virat walks out and informs Swati that Bhavani is ready to let Sai work in this orphanage.

Pakhi says he is late as Sai already left. Sai waits for an auto. Virat stops her and says Bhavani agreed to let her work at the orphanage as she is a good doctor. Sai says she doesn’t need any certificate or favor from him. Virat says its not about them but about this orphanage and its children, it would have been good if the orphanage had got Sai long ago as Vinayak would have been well way before. Sai asks if Vinayak is from orphanage. Virat says Vinayak is from the same orphanage.

Bhavani tries to convince Pakhi to stop Virat from involving Sai back in their lives. Pakhi says Sai is a very good doctor and she accepts Virat’s decision. Bhavani says she is bringing a trouble on herself by always supporting her husband. Virat tells Sai that he adopted Vinayak. Sai says he did a virtuous task by adopting a child.

Virat says only Chavan family knows about it and he doesn’t want Vinayak to know about it, he wants Sai to help orphanage kids like Vinayak. Sai asks why didn’t he inform about it earlier. Virat says he considers Vinayak as his own son and they already decided not to discuss about their personal lives. Sai asks how did he find Vinayak.


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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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