Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th October 2022 Virat returns home and asks Pakhi where were she. He finds a bill on floor and asks if she bought something again from the jeweler. Her phone falls down. He notices Sai’s voice message and hears it. He asks if she gifted a ring to Sai.

Pakhi says Sai sold Virat’s gifted finger ring maybe due to financial constraints, she bought it and gifted it to Sai again. Virat shouts why did she do that, its just a ring for Sai and she will sell it again, Sai is emotionless and is no one to them now, she is just Vinayak’s doctor, he doesn’t know why Vinayak is so fond of Sai, etc.

He continues to rebuke her. Pakhi apologizes her and says she will not do it again. She sleeps on bed sadly recalling the past incidents. Sai on the other side lying on bed recalls Virat’s love for Pakhi. Virat recalls seeing Sai with Jatap. Pyar Hai Yaa Sazaa.. song plays in the background.

Virat looks at Pakhi. Pakhi turns and drops water glass. Virat asks what happened. Pakhi says a water glass fell down. Virat says he knows she is upset after he scolded her; her intention was right, but Sai’s ego will not accept any gift and she will be more hurt; he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with Sai.

Pakhi asks if he is sure about it as she noticed him trying to show sai at a jewelry shop that he has moved on in life. Virat sits silently. Pakhi says it means she was using her to make Sai jealous, she doesn’t like anyone misusing her.

Virat says he can never think of misusing her, he is waiting for a day when Vinayak gets well and Sai is out of their life again. He nervously asks her to sleep now and switches off light. Pakhi thinks Virat cannot understand how much she loves him and hopes it not too late when he realizes it.

Next morning, Ashwini gets Virat ready for treatment and calls Virat. Bhavani says Virat already left and asks reason. Ashwini says Vinayak should visit Sai for treatment. Bhavani asks Mohit to drop Vinayak. Mohit says he can’t as he and Pakhi have a business meeting. Sonali says she would have gone, but she hates Sai.

Sonali says Karishma is also not present, so she can go. Bhavani scolds her that she will create trouble for them with her verbal drama, says her party workers are visiting her and hence Ashwini should go.

Ashwini agrees hesitanlty and takes Vinayak to Sai’s house. Savi opens door and happily hugs Vinayak and asks why is he late. He apologizes and introduces Ashwini as his aaji/grandma. Savi greets her and hugs her calling her as Aaji. Ashwini rudely separates herself and warns her not to call her aaji as she is only Vinayak’s aaaji.

Sai hears that and asks Savi to address Ashwini as madam or else madam would feel bad. She sends Savi and Vinayak in and asks Ashwini her hatred towards her is understood, but why she misbehaved with a small kid and stopped her from calling her aaji, why she is differentiating kids due to her hatred.

She reminds Ashwini how she was confident about her pregnancy when everyone had given up hope. Ashwini says her love was only for a child related to Viratg, Sai snatched that child away from them and hence she hates Sai to the core. She walks away saying she can’t withstand her and will send someone to pick Vinayak.

Harini speaks to her friend about a photoshoot via a famous photographer who clicked beauty queen’s photos. Friend says that photographer changes high fees. Harini says she will manage. Bhavani asks why she needs money. Harini says for some books. Bhavani says she gives lame excuses everytime and takes money from her, this time she will not give money. Harini vents out her frustration and walks away. Bhavani’s party workers walk in and see their drama. Bhavani nervously welcomes them and says its a normal discussion between her and her granddaughter.

Pakhi performs Vinayak’s exercises and asks him to kick a football. He gathering strength kicks a ball high. Virat catches it. Sai praises Vinayak for kicking it so powerfully. Virat gets emotional seeing that and holding Sai hand emotionally thanks her, then gets into his senses and draws his hands away recalling Sai selling his gifted ring. Vinayak asks Virat if he shall kick a football again. Sai says its done for the day. Savi takes Vinayak to play. Virat says he will wait outside. Sai stops him.


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Telecast Date:5th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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