Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th October 2022 Ashwini tells Virat that she had gifted bridal stuff to Pakhi during her birthday and prayed for her and Virat’s together, but she fears an unforeseen event with Sai’s entry.

Virat assures her that he has left his past behind and move on. He says he ignored Pakhi since years and deprived her of happiness she deserves, but that will not happen this time. He takes Pakkhi to a jewelry store where its owner thanks him for visiting his store and asks what shall he show him.

He says necklaces. Pakhi likes a necklace. Sai walks in there to sell her finger ring. Virat notices her and asks sales executive to show the store precious and special necklace set as he loves his wife immensely and she is very special to him.

Sales executive shows him store’s costliest necklace. Vriat tries it on Pakhi’s neck looking at Sai via mirror. Sai sells her finger ring and leaves. Virat removes necklace from Pakhi’s neck. Pakhi asks store owner what did that lady buy. Owner shows Sai’s ring and says she sold it. Pakhi says she wants to buy it.

Sai waits for an auto. Pulkit passes by in his car and stops seeing her. Sai happily calls him jiju, then apologizes and says he must also be thinking about her like other and hates her. Pulkit gets out of car and asks how can she say that, where was she all these years; asks her to get into his car as he wants to talk to her a lot. Sai hesitates.

Pulkit sends driver away and says he knows she hasn’t changed a bit and still same stubborn and self-pride, if not take lift from him, he can take lift from her at least. He says he doesn’t know what she thinks about others and him, but she should have contacted her brother at least and let him know about her whereabouts as brother and sister’s relationship doesn’t end so easily.

He stops an auto. She smilingly calls him dada/elder brother and gets into auto with him. He asks her to promise that she will meet him every year during raksha bandhan and tie him a rakhi. Sai promises him.

Pulkit says he never differentiated between her and Harini and her and describes how Harini behaves like her. Sai says Harini must have grown up now. Pulkit says Harini is a at a stage of life where she is neither a kid nor an adult (a teenager) where she questions wrongdoings but doesn’t seek an answer to it like Sai.

Sai says she can understand it as even she has a daughter. Pulkit says he heard about Savi and asks when will she introduce Savi to her Pulkit mama. Sai says soon. Back home, Savi asks her to help her sow a plant and let her pray Bappa to send her baba soon. Savi recalls Virat’s fondness for Pakhi and angrily tries to rub off ring mark on her finger.

Pakhi comes to meet Sai and asks if she can talk to her alone. Sai agrees and asks what she wants to talk. Pakhi says she saw her in a jewelry shop. Sai says so what, even she saw her in that jewelry shop.

Pakhi shows her finger ring and asks why did she sell it when it was her favorite ring as Virat had gifted it to her. Sai says she has moved on in life and this ring is just an unwanted thing in her life and she wants to get rid off it like an old furniture. She requests her not to interfere in her personal life.

Pakhi asks her not to misunderstand it, she got this ring as her emotions are linked to this ring. Sai asks why she is insulting her emotions then, she is just her patient’s mother and doesn’t her to interfere in her personal life. Pakhi requests her to keep the ring, but Sai refuses and asks her to leave before she says something. Pakhi keeps the ring and walks away. Sai buries the ring in soil and breaks down.

Pakhi returns home and keeps her bag on table. Ring bill falls on the ground. Pakhi notices Sai’s voice message and hears it. Sai addressing her as Mrs Patralekha Virat Chavan says she wants to clear a few things between them,

Pakhi must be thinking her past sins are washed off by returning Sai’s ring or she must be feeling happy that she snatched Virat from Sai, she got rid off that ring and doesn’t want Pakhi to interfere in her personal life and just be her patient’s mother, etc.


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Telecast Date:4th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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