Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th May 2022 Sai and Virat, Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding pheras continue. Pakhi provokes Bhavani against Sai and says Sai took over her and its the start of her end. Sonali backs Pakhi followed by Karishma.

Bhavani as usual easily gets manipulated by them and says she can stop Sai. Sai and Virat complete 6 pheras. Bhavani stops Sai before 7th phera. Everyone looks surprised. Sai says one more phera is left.

Bhavani says that is why she stopped her, says Sai loves drama, now she will show what real drama is. Virat asks why did she stop them. Bhavani says before they complete 7th phera and jungli mulgi becomes her bahu, she has a condition for Sai.

Ashwini asks Bhavani to let them complete pheras first. Bhavani gets adamant. Virat asks her to explain her condition. Bhavani alleges that Sai manipulates everyone and makes them dance on her tunes, now she learnt how to tackle Sai. She says Sai awalys says her marriage with Virat is just a mutual understanding.

Sai says she now truly accepted Virat as her husband. Bhavani warns her not to interrupt her and says Sai had a deal of convenience with Virat and ended it, so she has a deal for her that either she shouldn’t complete 7th phera and live her dream of becoming a doctor or complete 7th phera, become Chavan family bahu completely, and forget her dream of becoming a doctor.

Sai stands shocked while Pakhi and Karishma smirk. Karishma tells Pakhi that she played a good game, but battle is still in Sai’s hand. Pakhi says still the wedding or her plan hasn’t completed yet. Sai asks Bhavani what kid of a deal is it.

Bhavani says if she thinks she can become a doctor and leave Virat, why don’t she leave now as her deal has ended. Devi asks why she is saying this when wedding is for 7 lives. Bhavani warfns her to shut her mouth and not interfere between her family issues. Pakhi grins hearing that. Devi asks if it’s not her house. Bhavani says a daughter is always a guest and not a family member.

Virat says Bhavani cannot do this to Sai as Sai had a deal when she had lost hr Abha because of him, now things have changed and Sai accepted that she made a mistake by making a deal.

Ashwini asks Bhavani why didn’t she put the conditions on other bahus during pheras. Bhavani says others were not melodramatic like Sai and even after being highly educated, they never demanded to work outside home breaking the family traditions. She gets adamant at Sai to either choose her profession or her family. Sai says she will manage both work and home.

Bhavani how will she manage her children and husband while she is busy as a doctor. Sai asks how can she ask her to destroy her medical career and even after being a doctor, she will be called Mrs Sai Virat Chavan after completing her 7th phera. Ashwini says Sai is doing what is necessary as a bahu. Virat asks Sai if she will really change her name from Sai Joshi to Sai Virat Chavan.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhavani asks Sai if she wants to become a doctor or a Chavan bahu. Virat says bahu. Sai asks Virat if he heard that Bhavani wants her to sacrifice her medical career. Virat says yes. Sai walks out of mandap leaving him shocked.

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Telecast Date:4th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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