Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19th November 2021 Written Episode start With Sai tells Virat that even she will not let him go as he is her.. He asks what. She stops and tries to leave. He holds her hand and asks why. She says she cannot see him in trouble. He says even he cannot.

She hugs him and says she cannot lose their friendship as he matters to her a lot. He says he doesn’t know where their friendship will take them, but he knows that she will be an important part of his life till his last breath; she shouldn’t think she made a mistake by returning to his house as this belongs to even her, they will be best friends forever and she should concentrate only on her studies;

they will visit her college and stop her transfer; she shouldn’t bother about Bhavani’s bitter words. Sai says she is happy that he didn’t take Bhavani’s order seriously. He jokes and she laughs.

Pakhi tells Samrat that she really wants to take their relationship forward. He says the he has to take the first step. She asks what should she do then. He gets Mahabaleshwar’s orphanage kid Virat’s call who informs that their orphanage’s electricity and water connections are disconnected and even warden is ill. He says he need not worry as he will reach there tomorrow.

She thanks god that she will escape from his questions. Samrat asks her to accompany him to orphanage as per her wish to take their relationship forward. She thinks she should give some excuse and stay back or else Virat and Sai will get more closer in her absence. Next morning, Samrat gets ready and asks Pakhi why is she not yet ready. She says she doesn’t want to trouble him by accompanying him right now, she will reach him once he settles orphanage issues. He says she acts mature in these situations. She says she will pack his back.

Sai and Virat head towards college when Bhavani stops them and asks Virat where is he taking his wife. Virat says Sai’s college. Bhavani orders Sai that she shouldn’t dance and roam around with friends hereon as she is a Chavan family bahu now. Sai asks why she changed her surname from Joshi and why her behavior changed suddenly. Bhavani says she cleared her blindfold and realized the situation.

Sai says people change so soon just like her, then why she expects her not to. Bhavani angrily asks who is she to comment on her. Sai says as she said Chavan family bahu. Sonali walks in and badmouths about Sai. Virat says Sai is same as she looks and not like other Chavan bahus. Pakhi asks if he means they are wrong. He says he didn’t say that. Mansi asks Virat to stop this discussion and visit Sai’s college.

Sonali says Sai has to do household chores like other bahus. Bhavani backs her. Ashwini says she will finish Sai’s work. Bhavani taunts she should also go to college then and says Sai has to learn her responsibilities. Sai says she has diwali vacation. Bhavani asks if she means she will not work. Sai asks her to let her speak and says she will finish all her tasks during diwali festival. Bhavani continues scolding her.

Samrat walks down and informs Bhavani and Mansi that he is going to orphanage as he got some important work. Mansi asks if he will return or not. He says he will and says he is getting late for bus. Virat offers him lift on the way to Sai’s college. Pakhi says she will also accompany to spend some more time with Samrat, thinking she will test if Bhavani’s order affected Virat and Sai or not.

Samrat thinks she looks happy with his absence and hopes she doesn’t interfere in Virat and Sai’s lives. They all 3 drop Samrat in bus stand. Pakhi tells Sai that she wants to shop with Virat till Sai finishes her college work, so Sai can sit in car’s back seat. Sai says she need not give excuses to sit in front seat.

Virat returns. Sai gets excited seeing candy floss and insists modak/Virat to get it. Virat says they need to visit college. Pakhi comments that she didn’t understand Bhavani’s order of bearing a child and still acts childish. Virat thinks Pakhi is exaggerating the issue and goes to get candy floss. Sai says she was tensed after Bhavani’s order, but Virat comforted her and assured that their friendship is first and then rest.

Virat returns and hears her. Pakhi continues taunting. Sai laughs and says it happens in films and not in real life. Virat says they need to attend college. Pakhi gets jealous and sits in back seat. They reach college. Virat asks Pakhi to wait in car while he and Sai finish college formalities. Sai says she is mature enough and can handle things herself. Pakhi asks if she is okay to leave her husband with her.

She says she trusts her best friend more than herself and knows he will not cross any limit. Once she leaves, Pakhi thinks she will break Sai’s confidence and make Virat lift her. She taunts Virat that Sai trusts her immensely. He says yes. She says even she trusted him and married his brother, but he broke her trust. He gets angry hearing that.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Pakhi heads towards Virat’s car, meets with a minor accident, and calls Virat for help. Virat lifts her and heads towards car when Sai returns from college and notices that.


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