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Ghar Ek Mandir 6th January 2022 Genda in OT, everyone in tears. Manish and Nisha try to console Kundan and Anuradha. Varun sees Siddhant being taken away by police and rushes to him and says I won’t leave you, you tried killing my wife,

Manish pulls Varun back, Varun says if something happens to my Genda, I won’t leave you, Siddhant says if something happens to my Dad, I won’t leave anyone alive. Inspector takes Siddhant away scolding him fro threatening infront of police.
Doctors infrom Agarwal’s, Genda is still in danger.

Anuradha says this is all our Karma, when I was going to be a mother you wanted son and God listened to you but I always wanted a daughter which I never told you and when Genda came into our lives and understood her I found my daughter, and thought God listened to my prayers too and only a daughter can kill herself for her parents, and today Genda proved that. Nisha gets angry.Anuradha says we didn’t understand God’s gift and couldn’t accept her, she did everything for us but we couldn’t be her parents.

Kundan remembers how he found Genda and how she always stood for Kundan and his reputation. Kundan starts crying. Anuradha says we didn’t do anything good for that poor girl and even today she is fighting life because of us.

Doctor informs Agarwal’s Genda needs blood AB- and is not available in hospital, Kundan says my blood group is AB-, doctor says but you have BP and sugar we can’t hace your blood. Kundan breaks down and says I beg you save my daughter, I will die in guilt.
Doctor says okay come.

Kundan donates his blood and thinks of Anuradha’s words about Genda, and how Kundan always stopped Genda and how he met Genda and she told him about Maharaji. Kundan says nothing will happen to Genda, I will do everything to save her.
Anuradha prays to God for Genda. Manish tells her, he sent Shivam and Nisha home, Anuradha says good Shivam was very scared.

Kundan walks out, Varun asks him to sit and he will get him juice, Kundan says no I’m going to Agrasen Maharji temple, only he can save our Genda. Anuradha says me and Manish will join you, Varun will wait here with Genda.

Storm in Agrasen Maharji temple, Pandit ji trying to close doors as its closing time and says I’m not able to close door looks like Maharaji is waiting for someone. Kundan, Manish and Anuradha walk in.

Kundan says Maharaji I’m here to apologise for not taking care of your daughter Genda and couldn’t take care of her and insulted her please forgive me and save Genda, I will stay here and fast till my daughter Genda is out of danger.

Doctors remove bullet from Genda’s body, Genda’s health starts deteriorating. Kundan praying in temple for her.Doctor decide to give Genda shock to bring her heart beat to normal, Genda doesn’t respond.It gets very stormy in temple.

Varun sees nurse walk out in panic and sees Genda being given shocks, and starts crying. Varun says Maharaji please take care of my Genda.Panditji says Kundan don’t let the diya go off. Anuradha, Manish both try to stop diya from going off.Doctors say nothing is working only miracle can save her.

Varun remembers his journey with Genda and says Maharaji even I will kill myself if something happens to Genda.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan asks lawyers to make papers.Kundan asks Manish and Varun to sign papers.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2022
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