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Ghar Ek Mandir 5th January 2022 Siddhant ties Kundan, Agarwal’s around, Genda says calm down everyone, I will manage, Siddhant says quickly apologise or else he will loose life, Anuradha aunty ask your daughter in law to apologise,

Kundan says Genda don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know power of family, Siddhant says Genda quick or I will shoot him right now. Genda says leave him l, I will apologise. Siddhant says wow impressive you sacrificing for family, and Genda has to apologise or else Kundan will loose his life. Genda says I am ready.

Siddhant hands gun to Soni and says in next 10 if all of them don’t fall in my feet shoot Kundan, Kundan says don’t listen to him, don’t apologise. Siddhant takes Agarwal’s out with him, leaving Kundan behind with Soni.

Siddhant calls Genda on stage and addresses guests saying Agarwal’s daughter in law will now fall in my feet and beg for apology, Nisha very happy.
Siddhant says to Genda, more time you take here, more time your father in law will loose.
Shivam distracts body guard, Manish helps him and they take down body guards near Kundan.

Genda smiles at Siddhant, Siddhant says why are you laughing, Genda says look at screen. Siddhant’s confession is played on screen. Guests watch it. Nisha shocked.
Soni sees guards are missing and sends another one to check. Manish and Shivam take him down too.

MP sees Siddhant’s confession. Guests start cursing Siddhant and praising Agarwal’s and talk against MP too, MP says to his secretary we have to manage our image and sayw Siddhant I thought you were a responsible citizen what nonsense is this,

arent you ashamed. Genda says he needs to have shame first and you will apologise, one who stole, spoiled reputation and tried killing and you will apologise to me and my family infront of society and I feel bad seeing you this way and you also looked confused.

Genda says Siddhant when you were confessing, Shivam recorded your confession. Shivam hands confession to Genda, Genda praises him and thanks him.
Genda says to Siddhant, Maharaji with us infrom of Shivam and helped us.

Kundan pushes Soni and realises himself, Soni ties him again and says I have to shoot you. Siddhant Whispers to Genda, now your father in law will loose his life, Genda says is it and points at Kundan.Kundan walks in with Manish and Shivam…..(Manish and Shivam tie Soni in place of Kundan).
Siddhant and his father shocked seeing Genda.

Genda says to Siddhant, its time to destroy your pride, apologise quickly, Kundan says fall in my daughter in law’s feet and apologise. Siddhant starts laughing and says I never apologise. Siddhant shoots at Kundan, Genda takes the bullet. Kundan shocked.
Genda falls on ground, everyone rush to Genda,

Manish calls ambulance, Siddhant tries to shoot Kundan again, Varun gets in fight with him, Kundan asks Nisha to take away Shivam, Manish fights with guards, Siddhant shoots again, the bullet hots Siddhant’s dad, Siddhant rushes to him, Kundan calls Varun near him, Ambulance arrives.

Agarwal’s take Genda to hospital, everyone in tears. Doctor examines Genda, and takes her to OT.

Siddhant’s dad in hospital too. Siddhant in tears and says what did I do, I shot my own father. Police walk to Siddhant and arrest him for shooting.. Siddhant says I won’t come my father is here. Inspector says doctors will take care of him, you come, Siddhant begs them to not take him and will come back later. Siddhant asks Soni to take care of his father, Soni says don’t worry I will arrange bail as soon as possible.

Varun breakdown seeing Genda, everyone in tears.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Varun attacks Siddhant says I won’t leave you if something happens to Genda.Siddhant says if something happens to my Dad, I won’t leave anyone alive.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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