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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd September 2021 Kundan says Nisha, today Genda will light the Aarti diya, Nisha doesn’t like it. Shivam says but Mummy does it always, Kundan says your Mummy will teach your aunty how to do things, Kundan asks Nisha to teach Genda, Nisha takes Genda along with her. Genda keeps Maharaji idol in temple.
Genda sees Nisha makes Baati and says you buy these, Nisha says yes why, Genda says we make this in our house, Nisha says I am so busy, if I had time even I would, Genda says I didn’t mean it that day, actually homemade is cheap and reliable, don’t worry I will make them, Kundan hears that and says good thought. Genda lights diya and hands Aarti to Kundan, Kundan says today Varun and Genda will perform aarti.

After aarti, Genda and Varun take elders blessings, Varun whispers to Nisha, you will bless right with left hand because right you use to find faults. Nisha looks at Genda in anger. Gopal says to Kundan he will leave now and come in the evening, Kundan says okay.
Genda sees Jeweller in the house, Genda thinks what is he doing here, Kundan asks who is he, Genda walks to jeweller and says why are you here, Kundan asks Genda is he from your relatives, Genda says no, Genda says I actually rented Jewellery from him, to wear in wedding.
Agrawal’s shocked. Kundan asks meaning, Genda says I promised you, I will dress as you want, and I didn’t want to break my promise, I tried hard but couldn’t manage jewellery and he suggested me to take fake jewellery but I didn’t want to fool you and so I didn’t take those and paid double rent and took this real gold on rent, I did what I could at that time, I am very sorry.

Manish asks but why are you here, Genda says we made a deal of 1 week why are you here, Jeweller saya actually the pure gold set you rented is actually his and I had decided to give you fake jewellery, Genda shocked and says this is fake, Jeweller says I forgot to exchange and he got fake jewellery and even God didnt want me to fool you, please forgive me please return Jewellery. Genda in tears and says by Maharji’s blessings all went good and if I would wear fake jewellery my promise and respect would all be shattered, Tiwariji says my daughter’s wedding jewellery is this, Kundan says please wait my daughter in law is not at fault, Genda give them jewellery, Genda joins her hand infront of Kundan and says okay. Anuradha takes Genda inside with her.

Genda walks out and hands Jewellery to Tiwari. Jeweller says here is your money, Kundan says stop, you did very wrong, I hate liars, we had wedding and everyone is happy so I am letting you go, so keep the money and leave. Tiwari and Jeweller leave, Genda says sorry Papaji, I didn’t know about all this, Kundan leaves.
Nisha happy.

Kundan walks to Genda with a box and says Nisha come here, put this Chandrahar on Genda, you are elder so I want you to do it with your hands. Nisha confused. Kundan says do as I say Nisha, give it to Genda, Nisha says okay, Genda says how can I, Kundan says you are a new family member and its a gift for my new family member. Nisha hands it to Genda, Genda takes her blessings. Nisha says hug me don’t touch my feet.
Kundan says Genda I am happy you fulfilled your promise and you were not at fault don’t worry, Anuradha take Genda inside with you.

Kundan says Varun, Ratan and Nisha come to my room, I have important to talk.
In Kundan’s room, Kundan says we left something in Mandap so lets just finish and Varun you didn’t go to shop properly yet and where did you learn to recognise this real and fake gold from Nisha or your uncle Ratan. Anuradha hiding and listening. Kundan says Nisha our respect is yours too, and I could give to Genda myself but I made you do it so that your status on position is not hampered I hope you understand, and Ratan I have lot of experience so I can do it, with your AC office you can just guess and I can do all this infront of Genda but no, its her first day and she shouldn’t think what kind of people live here and so I am letting you go, I won’t let that happen next time and now you know Kundan know his words and Varun your act of quiting marriage what was it, you listened to some fool, you will never get bride like Genda and remember she should know nothing about this.
Varun leaves in anger. Nisha thinks of Kundan’s behaviour towards Genda and gets very angry says Genda you arent a Laxmi but a bad sign for me and now see how I destroy your life.

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