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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd January 2022Genda gives everyone bluetooth except Nisha and says this will keep us connected, Nisha aska for me, Genda says you are with Manish bhaiya you don’t need and Shivam you know right what we will be doing, Shivam says teach Siddhant a lesson. Manager walks in says why waste time here, go serve and leaves.

Genda and Varun make drinks for everyone and decide that only Siddhant’s drink water will have alcohol so that he gets drunk and excepts everything. Genda and Varun about to leave, Siddhant walks in and happy to see them serve, he gets a call and leaves. Nisha looking for Siddhant so that she can tell him the plan.

Nisha sees Siddhant follows him, Nisha sees Genda and hides, and says God Genda has started her plan I hope its not late.
Anuradha walks to Nisha and asks what are you doing here, Nisha says looking for Shivam, Anuradha says he is with Manish, Nisha says okay and leaves. Shivam scares guests.
Genda sees Siddhant and informs everyone she is going to give him drink. Varun says wait I will go, but where are you, Genda says infront of Maharaji’s shop, Varun walks to her with Manish.

Varun exchanges the drink, Siddhant picks the drink and then calls Varun waiter, and says good job you look professional, here is your tip, and make sure my next drink is near me before this one finishes will give you more tip, Varun thinks we want you to drink today, keep drinking, Siddhant says go get working. Varun leaves.

Siddhant welcomes MP to the party, MP thanks everyone and says new year celebration is incomplete without your party. MP takes a seat with Siddhant’s Dad. Siddhant asks Soni is his speech ready. Soni says yes and goes to get it. Varun hears that and onforms everyone Siddhant is giving some speech, Genda says I will handle that, Shivam distracts Soni and Genda takes away paper from the file.Siddhant sees empty file and shouts at Soni. Shivam rushes to them and says is this your paper it was fallen there.

Siddhant takes paper and starts his speech, he starts with reading our MP is corrupt and soon realises he read wrong lines…(Genda changed the speech)…
Guests start discussing how Siddhant is insulting guest’s. MP shouts Siddhant and calls him alcoholic, Siddhant says I guess I am drunk I am very sorry.
Genda praises Shivam and Siddhant this is just the start. Varun says Genda its time, Genda says he himself will fall for it and leaves.

Siddhant yells at Soni and says he has to give 25 lakhs cash to MP right away, Soni says how will we manage this money, Siddhant says use Agarwal’s stolen money, make it fast. Soni says okay and leaves.

Genda tries to play recorder hidden in decoration, Siddhant walking near her, Varun tries to stop her, Siddhabt says Genda what are you doing, Genda picks a rose and says its new year and so taking this flower, Siddhant why are you wishing me for what, Genda says you can think whatever, and I’m blessed by Maharaji will never lose, Siddhant says you already lost, Genda says your destiny supported you till now, not anymore, Siddhant says I win by brains and not destiny and you will never understand how and what I did, Genda says what great have you done, so stealing and rubbish games.

Siddhant says to Genda, you talking about only stealing, didn’t you forget your husbands accident, and snatched your shop and deatroyed your family and your reputation and look you are as a waiter here so that you are insulted and all because of me Siddhant Sinha, what else you want me to do,

Genda smiles and says nothing because what you did is enough for now because you will loose because of my brains. Siddhant goes to Genda’s mic and says hello Agarwal’s, all shocked, Siddhant walks around Genda and removes recorder and says you were trying to put this on right, but you all are inside my hand and so is this recorder and shows its disconnected. Nisha very happy. Siddhant says all here is under my eyes, I was in doubt when I read that speech and then it was easy to understand your plan.
……Nisha writes plan for Siddhant by Genda and asks Shivam to deliver the letter… Siddhant reads and learns about whole plan.

Siddhant says Genda you will never win, and look your ego came in between and you lost your chance and leaves

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
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