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Ghar Ek Mandir 27th October 2021 Varun shivers while feeding Genda, Genda asks is he fine, Varun says yes. Anuradha says to Kundan I know you will be Kosha Adhyaksha, Varun stops Genda from touching his feet. Kundan says Varun I am going for election and you make sure Jewellery is ready, Varun says okay and asks Genda to pack food. Anuradha says no, take some rest have food and then go.

Genda walks in her room with food for Varun and sees him tensed, Varun says will I stand by expectations, Genda says don’t worry I am with you, we will finish, Varun says you look so tired too and I couldn’t get things too and will have to go work alone at shop, Genda says you rest for sometime you don’t look good, Varun says I have to go. Genda says please don’t, Varun says I have to and about to leave starts shivering and gets attack.

Harish and Rajesh meet Gopal and says your brother has taken up your business and hope he doesn’t take away this too. Gopal slips and falls in cow dung, Maharaji walks to him and says Karma gets back to you, now you know nothing goes waste, Gopal remembers what he did with Maharaji shop and thinks how does he know.

Genda helps Varun rest on bed, Genda about to go call doctor, Varun says don’t, Genda says have you seen yourself, Varun says its just weekness sit here, and don’t worry medicine’s will make me feel good and if doctor comes I can’t go work and that will be big problem, because its matter of our reputation and also there are elections, some food and medicine will make me good, come lets eat together. Genda says okay and feeds Varun food. Varun feeds Genda.

Gopal gets to election covered in dung, he is asked to go change. Gopal says I will be back soon. Prasad asks Kundan how is he feeling, Kundan says nervous and anyways I win or Gopal how does it matter. People ask where is Varun, Kundan says he is working at shop for urgent delivery.

Varun looks at watch and says it’s 11 PM I have to leave, Genda says you are very week you cant go, Varun says I have to, if I can’t deliver on time, it will be a big loss, Genda says you be here, I will go shop and do designing.

Gopal looks at Kundan while counting votes and thinks I will win and you will never be happy, Kundan is announced as new Kosha Adhyaksh, Gopal very angry, he congratulates Kundan, Kundan says congratulations to you too.

Varun says to Genda this is not easy, if someone finds it, jt eill be big issue, Genda says all are busy in association meeting all will be fine, Varun says its big risk, Genda says we doing it for Papaji, so let me, Varun says okay but just take care no one sees you there or else all our efforts will be gone with our reputation, Genda says I will take care of everything trust me, Varun says I do trust you just a little scared.

Kundan thanks everyone for voting him and then thanks God for son like Varun, and says I believe in him and he will take Agarwal and sons to new heights. Varun hands Genda keys and says after this delivery we both will go somewhere out just us. Genda says okay and leaves. Varun says all the best just take care no one sees you.

Genda slowly sneaks out, Maharaji thinks finally Lakshmi is stepping out of house and whatever I decide today will help in future. Genda unknowingly prays to Maharaji but stops and says God please help me, Maharaji says finally Genda you took my name and that matters to both of us.
Genda reaches Agarwal shop.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan is informed that there is thief in his shop, Genda hears chaos infront of shop, police arrives, Genda gets scared and calls Varun, Varun says don’t worry I am coming.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2021
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