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Ghar Ek Mandir 13th January 2022 Nisha asks Sandy has she ran away from home, Sandy says no I didn’t, Nisha says Rajni chachi called me, what happened that you took this step, I’m your sister you can tell me, and if you don’t tell me I have to call Rajni Chachi and tell her you are here, Sandy says don’t, I will tell you.

Varun says to Genda, I’m not hiding anything, Genda says I know you better and so I can see you are worried.Sandy tells Nisha that she is tired of always being asked to get married, she doesn’t want to and so she ran away, Nisha asks but why not marry, Sandy thinks of Varun. Nisha says look Snady, I think you want to marry the person you love, and has his initials tattoo, V for Varun right, you love Varun bhaiya right.

Varun says to Genda, why are you troubling me I told you I’m fine and leaves. Sandy says to Nisha, Varun and me are past and now he is married too and I don’t want any misunderstanding or complications in their life so please don’t tell anyone. Nisha says I won’t. Sandy says this is why I will leave tomorrow, hope you understand. Nisha says okay and leaves.

Varun walks in his room and sees Genda in tears and apologise, Genda says I shouldn’t have pushed but I felt you are hiding something, we may have hide many things in past but we are in that stage of relationship where we can’t hide things and hugs Varun, says I trust you, Varun thinks I’m hiding my past for our present and future and nothing else.
Nisha thinks, this is best idea to break Varun and Genda’s relation.

Pooja in shop, Anuradha asks where is Genda, Nisha says she is here, Sandy and Genda walk in. Pandit ji says lets start pooja, Kundan says everybody first come out and shows them shops changed name which reads Agarwal and family and asks Genda did she like name, Genda says thank you.

Kundan says remember the empty frame and now I lnwo I can have a picture of you and Varun, Genda says we are Agarwal and family and so whole family picture will be in that frame. Kundan says Manish is not with us he works with his uncle, Genda says he may return, Nisha thinks, you wish.
Panditji says lets start pooja.

Nisha picks one of Sandy’s sandal and breaks heel, and says Genda worry about your relationship now, Anuradha walks to Nisha, all are waiting for you in pooja, Nisha says the name is so pretty I just couldn’t stop starring, Anuradha says lets go in start pooja.

Varun distributes Prasad, Sandy says Varun I was right you have changed. Sandy says bye to everyone and says she will take leave, Nisha says Genda go drop Sandy till auto, I will manage. Genda says okay.

Genda leaves wity Sandy. Genda trips but manages, Sandy trips and falls down, sprains her leg. Kundan asks Varun to call doctor and says lets take Sandy home, she can’t leave in this state.

Doctor examines Sandy’s leg and says she needs bed rest, Sandy says but me here, Varun says rest you can go in evening, doctor says she needs 2 weeks rest, she has muscle tear, Sandy says I can’t, I have to leave.

Genda says you need to rest, Kundan says correct stay here till you feel better. Nisha thinks now Sandy won’t go anywhere and till she is here, I will create differences between Genda and Varun.

Nisha walks to Sandy and asks why didn’t she eat food. Sandy says food is too boring, and ordered food, Nisha says its 2 am, anyways its too late I have to wake up early. Sandy says I will manage get me my stick, Nisha goes to take stick and sees Varun walking disturbed and asks hik whats wrong, Varun says nothing. Nisha says okay I’m not finding Sandy’s stick and she has ordered food online and I’m very sleepy so you please help her.

Sandy trying to bring her food, Varun walks in with food and says bhabhi didn’t find your stick so here, Sandy says thanks, I know you are in problem because of me. Sandy slips, Varun shouts at her and says you should have asked me to get it and then says sorry I shouldn’t of yelled, Sandy says I can see your problem, so once I get better I will leave. Varun says I know that, now just rest.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nisha serves Lasagne to Varun, he says I loved it I don’t want paratha, Genda says Sandy your dish won.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2022
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