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Ghar Ek Mandir 10th January 2022 Neighbours against Kundan giving his property to Genda, Kundan says Genda don’t be upset and asks everyone someone who saves you, fights for you is your own, and I treat Genda as my daughter, even after me insulting her so much she took bullet for me, fight for me and even after this she isn’t my daughter then no family should have a daughter. Genda says thank you Papaji, Kundan says you are my daughter so you will call me Papa.

Anuradha welcomes Genda with aarti, Nisha unhappy, everyone goes inside. Nisha thinks it was your good day so you got property but I will destroy you so bad, you won’t have family, money or respect.

Varun helping Genda, Genda smiles looking at him and says look at you, you look like you are on war, Varun says I am but at what cost look at you, Genda says forget it we are all together and fine, Papa has accepted us too. Varun says yes we got our shop back, Siddhant is punished, debts are paid, and all are so happy and proud of you, Genda says we fought this togther, your love and support kept me going.

Varun at 12 midnight, walks in his room with cake, Genda says you remembered, Varun says how can I forget, I found a companion today, happy marriage anniversary. Genda and Varun blow out candle and cut the cake together.

Genda says you must have planned so many things, Varun thinks yes its a surprise, Genda says you didn’t plan anything so bad, Genda feels pain in her shoulder, Varun scolds her, Genda says if you would tell me with love I would but you never had girlfriend so how would you know.

Varun remembers his girlfriend and saying I love you to her.
Genda asks Varun where he is lost and asks whats wrong, and asks did you really remember your girlfriend, Varun smiles says no and says you are everything to me and sings for her. Genda says promise, Varun says yes, Genda hugs him.

Nisha says to Manish, this is unfair with her, even she wants share in property.
Kundan says to Anuradha, Genda is getting what she deserved, Nisha on one hand tried to ruin things but Genda tried to keep it together, and when ine fights for someone else God blesses them. Anuradha says I understand but Genda is your daughter but Nisha, Kundan says forget daughter she couldn’t even be a good daughter in law.Nisha says to Manish, Papaji made Genda daughter but he also created differences between me and Genda.

Sandy writes note to her parents that she doesn’t want to marry and so leaving the house, she gets a call, she packs ger bag, (Sandy is Varun’s rx girlfriend).

Everyone visit Varun and Genda’s room to wish them Happy marriage anniversary. Nisha unhappy. Kundan and Anuradha blesses Varun and Genda. Shivam gifts Genda chocolate and says this is because you are my chachi past a year. Manish and Nisha wish Varun and Genda. Anuradha asks all arranged. Nisha says yes, Genda asks what, Kundan says we have arranged prayer for Genda in temple and we all are going out only you two will stay in this house.

Varun says to Genda, this is good step by Papa now you can rest all day home. Genda says but I can go out for sometime, Varun says not at all I won’t leave you alone like a ginnie, Genda says I will trap you in a bottle, Varun says I am trapped in your heart.Genda says even I have planned something for you, Varun says not like I did, Genda says how would you know I won’t give up easily, Varun says challenge, Genda says accepted, Varun kisses her cheek and leaves.

Varun in kitchen cooking, he cooks mushroom says Genda loves mushroom, he goes to his room to make a call and sees Genda isn’t in room. Genda outside gets call from Varun, Varun says you didn’t listen to me, Genda says I have my surprise planned for you, Varun says come soon.
Genda buys watch, clothes for Varun, Varun cooks for her and decorates whole house.

Genda’s mangalsutra gets stolen by bike snatchers, Sandy hits bikers with a rock.

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