Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd August 2022 Tara says I caught everyone, where is papa? Pakhi says let me help you find him. They go to the store. Agastya isn’t there. Tara says papa I know you are here, come out. Pakhi sees Agastya’s phone there. She hears a noise. Agastya comes out and scares them. Pakhi says you scared me.

He looks weirdly at Pakhi. Tara says you’re out. Agastya says you didn’t catch me. Your mom knew where was I hidden. This was cheating. Tara says mama and I share everything. Agastya tickles her. Pakhi says your phone. He says let’s go. Mira is outside.

Pakhi is asleep. Agastya gets up. He fits a camera in everything. Pakhi wakes up and sees Agastya isn’t there. She goes out to look for him. Agastya calls someone and says yes I am coming out. Agastya is talking to someone.

Pakhi stops Agastya She says who are you talking to? The watchman says I heard a noise. Agastya says so did I. Pakhi says you shouldn’t go out. Agastya says I am fine. Pakhi says don’t underestimate Mira. Please take care of yourself. Promise me you won’t go out. He locks the door.

Scene 2
Mona says to let’s go prepare for the pooja. Pandit Ji asks Dadi is Agastya okay? Dadi says yes he got shot. He says Agastya’s life is still in danger. Dadi is scared. Mona comes. He says the next 7 days are very dangerous for Agastya. His life is in danger. Dadi says is it, Mira? What should we do? Pandit Ji says we should do pooja.

Pakhi wakes up Tara. She sees Agastya’s phone ringing. Pakhi says some Sharma Ji is calling you. He’s texted as well. Agastya takes the phone. He says I am on leave. She asks who is Sharma Ji. He says a client. I want to spend time with you too.

Pakhi hugs him. He gets awkward. Tara comes. She says you don’t let me sleep. Pakhi says let’s go for pooja. Agastya gets a text and meets me in half an hour. He calls and says I told you not to call me here. I will meet you when I can.

Agastya says I have to go for a meeting. Dadi says you have to be in pooja. Pakhi says yes you can’t leave. He sits with them. Dadi asks where is Tara. Tara comes. She says papa help me solve this puzzle. Mona says she’s smart like her dad. She asks Agastya to help. He says let’s do pooja first.

She says do it first. Pakhi says it will take you a minute. He tries to solve but he can’t. Pakhi says you forgot your science education? Agastya pretends as his arm hurts. Dadi says to take him to his room.

Dadi is scared. Pakhi says show me your wound. He says I find you go to the pooja. She says let me see. He gets loud and says I said I am fine. Agastya says I am not used to someone caring for me. In the last six years, I have had many bruises and I’ve fixed them on my own. I can take care of myself, I don’t need anyone.

Pakhi is shocked. Naveli comes there. She asks Pakhi if she’s okay. Pakhi says how can I expect that he forgave me so easily? His wounds are six years deep. I will give him time. I will only love and support him. They go downstairs.

Tara asks Pakhi if is papa better. Pakhi says yes he’s better. Let’s start the pooja. Agastya comes there. He says sorry to Pakhi. Agastya gets a text you know the price you will have to pay to make me wait. Come fast.

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