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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th June 2022 The goon stabs Agastya.. Shanaya comes in front of him. Ishaan says no no this wasn’t the plan. Agastya holds Shanaya. He rushes her to the hospital. Ishaan comes there too. He says poor Shanaya.

I didn’t want to do this but it’s important to take advantage of this situation. Ishaan asks Agastya what happened? Agastya tells him everything. Ishaan says don’t worry my doctors will take care of her. He says to tell Pakhi.

Agastya says yes I am calling her. Samir comes home after dropping Prema off at the bus station. He says I hope your grandmom gets better. Samir sees Agasatya’s name on Pakhi’s phone He takes the phone and says I told you not to call her.

Agastya says please listen. Ishaan takes the phone and tells Samir about Shanaya. Samir is shocked. he says Agastya brought her here.

Pakhi and Samir reach the hospital. Pakhi asks where is Shanaya? Ishaan says she’s in ER. Doctors are giving her first aid. Samir says to Agastya what did you do to my Shanaya? Why are you after our lives? I will kill you.

Pakhi stops him. Ishaan says for now we need to focus on Shanaya. Doctors are trying their best. Samir slaps Agastya and says you did it. Get lost from here before I kill you. He says Ishaan I wanna see Shanaya.

Pakhi looks at Agastya. He cries. Pakhi sees blood on his arm. She gets teary too. Agastya leaves. Agastya comes to temple and prays for Shanaya. He says please take anything from me but save Shanaya. She’s Pakhi’s life. I can’t see Pakhi in pain. Dadi comes. Agastya hugs her and cries. He says Samir’s uncle thinks.

I am responsible for this. Pakhi comes. Dadi says Pakhi Agastya didn’t do anything. Pakhi says I am not thinking anything. Dadi says we’re all praying for her. Agastya asks Pakhi how is she? What’s the update? Pakhi takes Agastya from here.

Pakhi brings Agastya to the doctor and says his hand is bleeding. The doctor says this is very deep. Agastya says I am fine. Pakhi says do as he says. The doctor gives Agastya stitches. Pakhi stands with him.

She comes out. Samir says to Pakhi Shanaya needs blood. We’ve to get arranged blood. Agastya leaves. Dadi says where is going? The doctor says we urgently need blood. Ishaan says do something, please.

The doctor comes and says blood is arranged. Agastya has given blood. Pakhi comes to Agastya. The doctor says it’s very risky you had an injury too. Agastya says please start taking the blood. It’s about my sister’s life. Pakhi is shocked. She says don’t do this. He says we need to save Shanaya. Agastya gives his blood.

Scene 2
Doctor says Shanaya is out of danger. All thanks to Agsatya for bringing her here at the right time and giving her blood. Dadi says to Samir I hope Shanaya gets better. Do you have any doubts about Agastya’s doctor?

The doctor says there’s one bad news. Shanaya had a rapture in her uterus she will never be a mother. Pakhi and Samir are shocked. She says please do any treatment. Agastya says we will pay whatever it takes. Pakhi says to Samir please don’t cry. We will get her treated. Agastya says I am in touch with the police.

We will find out who did it to Shanaya. Pakhi faints. Ishaan and Agastya both hold her. Ishaan gives her water. Agastya says to Ishaan I know who is behind all this. Ishaan says who could it be? Agastya says someone who wants to come between me and Pakhi. I will find him soon. Samir says the police are doing an investigation. Agastya says yeah I am waiting.

Scene 3
Pakhi sits with Shanaya and cries. Pakhi says in heart I don’t know if I should trust you or not. There are so many proofs against you.

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