Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2022 Agastya says I am your dodo why are you scared. Samir says leave me and my family alone. He says this is my family too. Samir says to Pakhi that Mohit told me everything.

Do you trust me now? I told you not to trust him again. He ruined Ishaan’s life and will ruin yours too. Agastya says I love her. Samir says your love fooled us before too. Agastya says Pakhi please tell your papa you trust me.

Samir says please go from here Pakhi doesn’t want to talk to you. Pakhi says papa wait. Agastya holds Pakhi’s hand and says thanks for trusting me. She says your car key. Please leave us alone. Please go.

Samir says go now Agastya. Agastya says please give me one chance. I’ve changed. Samir says leave me alone. Agastya says she’s my wife. Let us talk, please. Samir says we’ve suffered before. He shoves Agastya and locks the door. Agastya cries outside.

Shanaya says I know di you’re upset. Please give Agastya one chance. Prema says yes talk to him. Someone is trying to create problems. Pakhi says who cuold do this? Shanaya says Agastya will find out. Pakhi says I am tired of giving him chances. He’s attacked so many people for me. Agastya sits home and cries.

Scene 2
Ishaan comes to meet someone and says thanks to the inspector for letting him in. Agastya says I never thought I will shake hands with you. The enemy’s enemy is a friend. If I didn’t meet you I won’t have used my pain as my weapon.

They’ve ruined my life. It’s Mira. She says their trouble just started. You loved Pakhi and she forgave Agastya. She loved him. Ishaan says thank you, Mira. They shake hands. He says you told me we’ve to snatch justice.

Agastya will pay for what he did to me. Mira says Agastya did the same to me. That wealth is my husband and son. Ishaan says I am with you. She says ruin their life completely.

Agastya is outside. Pakhi comes there. She holds his hand. Pakhi says go inside. Your health can get off in rain. He says won’t you take care of me? Pakhi says go home, dadi will be worried. He says don’t you worry for me? Pakhi says to sit in the car and leave. She locks him outside. Pakhi cries inside.

Scene 3
The next morning Prema wakes up Pakhi. She says Agastya is outside. He is cold and sick. Pakhi comes and picks up Agastya. He was outside all night. Pakhi says why are you doing this to yourself. Mira gives him medicine. He says aunty you’re her mom. You know her better than me. Don’t you see love in her eyes for me?

I know she’s hiding. I can see she cares for me. Pakhi says take this medicine. Prema takes agastya inside. Pakhi says please go home.

I want to be alone. I need time to think. He tries to get up. He says okay I will go. You can’t go away from me. Agastya leaves. Shanaya comes. Prema tells her Agastya was out all night. She says I’ve to go to college. Pakhi says be careful. Shanaya leaves.

Shanaya waits outside. Ishaan’s men surround her. Mira told Ishaan to hurt people around Pakhi. The goons tease Shanaya. She says my college is nearby. If someone sees me they will call the police. They put her in the car.

Ishaan says now I will save Shanaya as a hero and Agastya will be blamed for it. Shanaya screams for help. The goons take Shanaya to a shed. Agastya comes there. Ishaan is shocked. Agastya hits the goon.

Shanaya hugs Agastya. She says thank God you came. Ishaan says how did he come. The goons attack Agastya. He fights with them alone. A goon stabs Agastya. Shanaya screams.

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