Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd August 2022 Agastya tries to run to the house. Tara and fake Agastya go out. Mona says to Pakhi that something is wrong with Shardha.

She’s always around Agastya. Pakhi says no you’re thinking wrong. Mona says to keep an eye. Tara starts the pooja with fake Agastya. Pakhi sees there’s no burn scar on Agastya’s chest.

She thinks about all the instances. Pakhi says that means this man isn’t Agastya. Who changed the report then? This means someone else is helping him? Who? Mira? How is she involved in everything? Pakhi is scared. Shardha asks is everything okay?

You look stressed. Pakhi says I am fine. Mira says let’s go in. Pakhi prays for Agastya. She says where is Agastya. I hope he’s fine. Agastya walks into the street injured.

Samir plays with Tara. Fake Agastya realizes he missed his fake scar pack. He puts it back. He gets a call. Pakhi keeps an eye on him. Tara says mama let’s go play. Tara looks at Agastya talking to Shardha. She says we have to send Pakhi away from here. She has doubts, she will question again.

Her spectacles fall. Pakhi sees it’s Mira. She’s shocked. She says what.. She recalls everything. Pakhi comes back in. Samir asks are you okay? Pakhi says yes. She says papa take Tara to your place for today. Fake Agastya says no.

Shardha comes in too. He says we should leave for the trip today. Tara should come with us. Or uncle you can take her. Samir says yes I am taking her, Pakhi you rest. Shanaya invites Naveli and Mona for dinner. She says we couldn’t do dinner yesterday due to fire. They agree.

Scene 2
Mira’s goon wakes up Yug. They take off the sheet, it’s Yug. Yug hits them. They hit him back. The goon calls Mira and tells her Agastya ran. She messages fake Agastya. Mona asks what happened. Shardha says Agastya.

She says where is Agastya sir? I want half a day. Mona says talk to Pakhi instead. Mira leaves. Mira says my mom isn’t well. I have to go. Samir says we can drop you. Fake Agastya says no I will drop her. He says Pakhi you rest. Pakhi asks Samir to take care of Tara. Mona says to Shardha what’s your problem.

Fake Agastya takes Pakhi to the room and says you should rest. I will be back. He leaves. Mira says we have to find Agastya before he contacts Pakhi. Agastya runs on the roads. Pakhi is worried about Agastya. She says I’ve to find out where my Agastya is. She tries to open the door but the door is locked.

Pakhi says I can’t risk anyone’s life by telling them. She gets out of the secret room. Mira and Fake Agastya rush to find Agastya. Pakhi follows them. Mira calls her goons and says find him at any cost. She says I am sure Yug did this. He will be punished. Fake Agastya says you will harm your son? She says no one is important to me. Mira’s goons look for Pakhi. They see blood on the road and say he must be around. Agastya hides inside a shed. They come in.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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