Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2022 Naveli opens the box. She screams. Mona gets scared. Naveli says it’s a microwave. Naveli pranked her. Tara hides in a room. She says I have to hide in the temple till I get to see and talk to Agastya.

Where is he? Payal calls Agastya. She says my dad didn’t like you saying no to me. You’ve to change your decision. Inspector comes in and tells Agastya they have a warrant to search their house. Agastya says what have I done?

Pakhi says don’t act innocent after kidnapping my daughter. Agastya says what are you saying? Pakhi says where is my Tara? Tara is scared. Dadi says Pakhi you’re here after so many years and accusing Agastya of kidnapping your daughter. Pakhi touches her feet. Dadi moves back. Pakhi says you’re also a mother.

Yu know how I feel and we all know Agastya can do such crimes. Mona says don’t act so saint yourself. Agastya can never do anything like that. Agastya says you can search my house. Pakhi asks them to look everywhere. Pakhi goes towards Agastya’s room. She says there is a secret room too in his room.

Pakhi falls into the room. Agastya holds her. Pakhi sees her photos on all the walls. She says I was right about you. You’re still crazy and obsessed. Inspector says no one is here. Pakhi says there is another room behind this shelf.

Tara is scared. Ishaan comes near the temple. Mira calls Ishaan and says have you adopted her? He says that girl is gone. I am tired of her drama. She’s such an annoying kid. Once I get Tara I will remove this Pakhi from my way. Tara hears it.

Ishaan looks around for Tara. Tara prays to God to save herself and her mom from Ishaan. Inspector says Tara is nowhere. Ishaan says to take Agastya to the police station. Mona says shut up. Agastya says if there is any proof you can take me to the police station. Don’t waste time looking for her here.

She is missing, look everywhere for her. Ishaan says don’t do this drama of acting nice. We will take you to the police station. Inspector says Agastya you’ve to come with us. Ishaan says yes take him, don’t be forced by his money.

Tara is worried about Agastya. Dadi stops the police. She says Agastya would never do this. Police take Agastya.. Tara comes out and says stops. She says to Agastya don’t go. Pakhi is shocked to see her. Agastya says, Tara..

Pakhi hugs Tara and says I was so scared. How did you get here? Tara says I am fine. Ishaan says Tara don’ worry tell everyone Agastya kidnapped you. She says why would he kidnap me? He is very nice.

I came here myself in a cab using the map. I don’t want you to be my dad. You are bad. Tara says Ishaan is a bad uncle. I don’t want a bad uncle. I came here to ask Agastya for help but he was saying he will send me back to you if I come here. So I hid in the temple. Pakhi is shocked. She apologizes to the police.

Agastya holds Tara’s hand and says never do that again. Your mom got so worried. Ishaan says thank God Tara is fine. Let’s go home. Tara says I don’t wanna go with you. She runs. Pakhi and Agastya run after Tara.

Tara comes to Agastya’s room and sees Pakhi’s photos everywhere. Tara asks Pakhi why are your photos everywhere in this room? Does Agastya know you? Pakhi is silent.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
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