Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th August 2022 Shanaya tells Prema and Samir her friend needs something urgent so she has to go there. She leaves. Mona looks at Mira and says to Naveli this Shardha looks very weird.

There’s something with her. I saw her talking to Agastya many times. I think she likes Agastya. Naveli says what are you saying? Mona says something is wrong. Shardha asks Naveli won’t you be here with us?

She says I have to go and meet my friend. Fake Agastya plays with Tara. Pakhi comes. She says I’ve to find the truth. She gives them hot chocolate. They drink it together. Agastya says, Tara is so smart. Pakhi takes his DNA samples from the glass and says I am coming out.

Scene 2
Agastya sees the goons asleep. He opens the lock and sneaks out. Pakhi comes out. Shanaya is there. Pakhi says something is wrong. Agastya doesn’t feel like is real. I think it’s someone else. It feels uncomfortable for him.

We have to find out who he is. I have to get his DNA test done. Shanaya says what? Pakhi says please get it done. We will know the truth. Please do this. Shanaya says I don’t know what are you thinking but I will do it.

The goons get up. Agastya pretends that he’s asleep. They go into the lock-up. Agastya hits them.

Scene 3
Pakhi gets the reports. It matches Tara. Pakhi is shocked. Shanya says you were doubting him for no reason. Don’t repeat your mistake. Pakhi is confused, and she leaves. Mira comes there. She heard Pakhi and Shanaya talking. Mira says to the doctor keep doing what I said. Agastya tries to find a way out. A man calls mira. She says yes sir our plan will succeed. Someone burns Pakhi and Agastya’s photo.

Mira slaps Agastya and says how did Pakhi doubt you. You have to make her believe you’re Agastya. You have to take her out. Everyone gets ready for pooja. Mona says shardha came in again and spoke to Agastya.

Mira comes and says should I help? Mona says no. Mona says you can go home and be with your mom. She says you’re single you should get married. Let me find some proposal for you. Naveli stops her.

Scene 4
Agastya comes out. Yug stops him. Agastya says please let me go Yug. I don’t want to hurt you. It’s about my wife and daughter. Yug holds his hand. Agastya says let me go. He hits yug.. Yug holds his hand and says go out from there.

The way is from there. He says why are you helping me? Yug says you thought I would be with that woman? I had to act smart in front of her. I sent Pakhi a letter too but Mira saw it. I cut the TV connection oo. I also left the keys. If she finds out I am doing this she can harm everyone.

Fake Agastya comes to Pakhi and hugs her. He caresses her face. Pakhi shoves him and runs. She says sorry.. the door is open. He says it’s okay. Pakhi goes out. Yug says go out, I will stay in the lock-up. Get police. Agastya says I can’t leave you alone. Yug says don’t worry about me. I have no family. Agastya says I care about you, you’re my brother. He says just leave we don’t have time.

The function starts. Shanaya asks Pakhi not to worry. She says to talk to Agastya instead. Don’t doubt him. Mona asks Agastya and Pakhi to dance. Yug drags the goons out. He locks himself in the cage and covers his face. Fake Agastya dances with Pakhi. Agastya is on road running with bleeding feet.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
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