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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2022 Agastya says tgell them Pakhi? Did I hit them? Can I unnecessarily hit anyone? Pakhi says Agastya didn’t hit him. You’re wrong. He’s falsely accusing Agastya.

Inspector says he might not have hit him in front of you. He’s in hospital, he won’t lie. Agastya sees Pakhi confused. He says if the staff gives his statement, Agastya will have to stay in lockup.

Prema says I am sure that staff is trying to take money from Agastya. Shanaya says di didn’t tell anything like that happened. Samir says I was scared of this. Prema says are you accusing him? He says I’ve his this face before.

Shanaya says we all know he’s changed. Samir says I pray that’s true but he’s done many wrong things. Maybe that man did something wrong but Agastya could have taken things in his hand. I know people don’t change overnight. Prema says don’t worry. This will all clear out. Samir says I hope that’s the case.

Inspector tells Agastya the worker Raghav has fled from the hospital so there’s no case. Agastya says there’s a case. I will file a complaint against him about why did he falsely accuse me find him. He says we will try to find him.

Prema calls Pakhi. She says yes maa we’re in the police station. Dadi says to Agastya don’t worry. He says Pakhi is ignoring me. She’s still doubting me. Dadi says it’s not like that.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes home. Agastya says what are you thinking? I promise I didn’t do anything wrong. If you doubt me I will go to jail. Pakhi says yes, a person like you should be in jail. A person like you can be dangerous outside.

So I’ve decided now you will always stay locked in my arms. I am your jail. She kisses him. Pakhi says how dare you think I doubted you. He says why were you so disturbed? She says I was very scared. Agastya says don’t worry.

Pakhi says so many weird things happened in that resort. Is it all connected? He says don’t worry. Pakhi says I trust you. Pakhi comes close to him. Agastya kisses her. Someone sees them on video.

Scene 3
Agastya asks his lawyer to find Raghav. Pakhi gets a text from Ishaan Pakhi are you okay? Agastya says Ishaan won’t trust me after all that happened. Raghav was admitted to the same hospital I purchased shares in. Ishaan works there too.

I hope he might not think wrong about me. Pakhi says I will talk to him. I won’t let anyone think wrong about you because of your past. Pakhi calls Ishaan. She says I am sure you know about Raghav. He was in your hospital. I don’t want you to doubt or think wrong about Agastya. He didn’t hit Raghav.

He was lying. Agastya has changed, please don’t think wrong about him. He says I wanted to stay away from you both. Agastya might have changed but he might be pretending. If he’s still the old Agastya he can harm my family again. We’re all scared of him. Pakhi says thank you I will talk to you later. Agastya says he didn’t trust you? Pakhi says he trusted me. He wasn’t doubting you. He asked me to thank you for the job.

Mona says I feel like Mira is behind this. Agastya says she’s in jail. Agastya asks Pakhi if she’s coming to the office? She says I am going to mummy papa. He says if Samir uncle still doubts me I can talk to him.

Pakhi says they trust you. Mohit calls Pakhi and asks if Agastya was taken to the police station? He says I can try tracking that Raghav. Pakhi says if you can do that it would be great. He says meet me before going to your parents’ place. Pakhi comes to the coffee shop. Someone punctures Mohit’s bike.

He says how did both tires puncture? Ishaan comes to the cafe with his friend. Pakhi says Ishaan? He says you here? Pakhi says sit. Someone texts Agastya this time you will lose Pakhi forever. If you wanna know who I am come to Jamie’s coffee shop. Agastya leaves. Mohit tells Pakhi his tire got punctured.

Ishaan says why were you meeting him at the cafe? She says Mohit was gonna help me find out what Raghav is up to. He says we can see the CCTV footage of my hospital and see where he went. Pakhi says thank you so much. We have to find it. He puts his hand on her hand. Agastya comes. He’s shocked.

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