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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th July 2022 Pakhi locks the door. Tara asks her why was Ishaan saying he’s my father? Pakhi says you trust your mom right? She says yes. Pakhi says stay inside. Tara says okay mama. I didn’t lie. I didn’t message Agastya. Pakhi says I trust you. Agastya comes home and cries.

He recalls everything. Mona sees him and asks what happened? She says why are you crying? What happened? Agastya sobs. He goes to his room. Agastya recalls everything. He cries in front of Pakhi’s photo. He sobs and falls down.

Agastya recalls his moments with Tara. Pakhi shouts and Ishaan and says how dare you say such a stupid thing about me. He says let me explain. Pakhi says I don’t want to hear anything. Get lost from here. I wanna go from here right away.

Dadi knocks on Agastya’s door. She asks what happened? Agastya says I never thought I would feel this much pain when my prayers get answered. Mona asks what happened? He says I only asked for Pakhi’s happiness.

She got her happiness but with someone else, not me. He tells her Tara is Pakhi’s daughter. Dadi is shocked. Dadi says your daughter? He says no she’s Ishaan and Pakhi’s daughter. She deserved him. He was my first love. I couldn’t be her love. This is what Universe decided.

Scene 2
Pakhi is leaving. Shanaya asks her to stay. Ishaan says I am sorry I was just trying to protect you. Pakhi ignores him. She says to Samir and Prema let us go. I am so sorry. Prema says we understand. Ishaan noted Pakhi’s address. Pakhi leaves with Tara. Samira faints. Prema screams. Pakhi runs back in. She calls the doctor.

Dadi says Tara is Ishaan and Pakhi’s daughter? He knew where Pakhi is. The doctor checks Samir. He says it was a minor heart attack. Pakhi says thanks for coming. Pakhi sits with Samir. She says I won’t leave you, papa.

He says no Agastya can be dangerous for you. Pakhi says you’re also my family. I will protect my Tara. I will stay here. I am not scared of Agastya. I will stay here and face him. Agastya won’t get to my Tara. I won’t go anywhere. Prema hugs her.

Pakhi says to Ishaan thanks for calling the doctor. He says you all are my family. Ishaan says I love you Pakhi.. He holds her hand and says I know you love me too. She says what rubbish? He says it’s a lie but we have to make Agastya believe that we love each other and you got pregnant after you left Agastya.

Pakhi says we won’t do that. You don’t need to make this story. She says this is a long fight and it’s my fight. He says you know Agastya will take Tara if he finds the truth out. We have to make him believe we are a family. We can even take the legal route. I am ready to adopt Tar legally. She says I don’t need all that.

Tara is only my daughter. I have been there on my own. I don’t need anyone. Prema hears it. Pakhi leaves. Ishaan says I will always be an outsider. Prema stops him. She says what you said wasn’t wrong. Pakhi has suffered so much so it’s not her fault either.

Scene 3
Tara wakes up she recalls everything. She says Einstien uncle is so nice but why did he lie I texted him? I need to meet and ask him. Prema says to Pakhi we have no other option we have to save Tara from Agastya. Ishaan says I am sorry. My intention was to save you and Tara only. Pakhi says even if I agree how will we manage it?

He says we will. She says you will also have a life one day. HE says Agastya took my life. I will be happy if I am able to save Tara from Agastya. My friend will prepare adoption papers and he will file your divorce with Agastya. We can shift together to show we are a family.

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