Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th August 2022 episode Rama questions Joshi. Hitesh told Bhim Rao and Rama that they will not support them. Jijabai added that she wasn’t interested in wasting their lives for Bhim Rao and Rama’s cause.

Nirmala’s mother stepped forward asking Rama to control her husband. She as a mother would control Joshi, will ask him not to have any concern with Bhim Rai. Rama said that it was a deal. Nirmala asked her mother to make deal ensuring her freedom and happiness. Nirmala’s father asked her to be quite.

Bhim Rao asked the father to be quiet. He had no idea what the lower caste goes throw every day, he asked the father to leave. Joshi shouted, that he will leave once they take their decision. Joshi brought a stick. He was about to strike Bhim Rao but his parents stopped him because it would make Joshi a murderer. His parents took him home. Bhim Rao was angry.

Varchand was threatening a man to return his money within three days or he would have to face consequences. A man informed Varchand about Nirmala’s action, her parents were unable to bring her back from Bhim Rao’s house. This was a disgrace to upper caste. Varchand slapped the man as it was good news. Varchand pitied Bhim Rao’s decision to help Joshi’s sister.

Nirmala sat on the floor crying. They wanted to comfort her but refrained from touching her. Ramji told this war was bigger, beyond the cate system but against the societal norms.
Bhabi pointed out to Jijabai that this wasn’t Sitara but Bombay. Bhim Rao’s victory would make him famous and powerful.

Jijabai warned Bhim Rao, said he would never win this fight. Bhim Rao replied that it was for the fate to decide. Ramji reminded that Bhimabai used to say that a warrior has to win at all cost.

Jijabai challenged Bhim Rao to bring the girl inside her house. Bhabi joined Jijabai. Meera asked Bhabi not to take decision in someone else’s home. Nirmala asked everyone not to fight, she didn’t want anything but help from people like Bhim Rao. She opted to live outside the chawl. Bhim Rao asked Ramji and Meera to go inside. He and Rama would stay outside with Nirmala.

Next morning, Rama and Nirmala were asleep as Bhim Rao studied his books. Nirmala woke up. She pointed that Bhim Rao gets all the knowledge and wisdom from these books. Rama agreed, said that it was his character as well. Nirmala wanted to study as well. Bhim Rao told that education has no age, she can continue her studies now as well.

Bhabi was worried, she didn’t want Bhim Rao to win whilst they waste their time making tea. She asked Jijabai to drink something great. Jijabai added all the milk. Bhabi questioned Jijabai. She told that she was making tea for everyone.

Bhabi questioned why she was serving tea for free, then laughed as she understood that it was Jijabai’s plan. Meera heard it from outside. She wondered what Jijabai was upto. She decided to inform Ramji about it.

Varchand consoled Nirmala’s incident. He was against Nirmala decision to live in Bhim Rao’s chawl. He asked for a solution. A man taunted Joshi’s father for being unable to control his daughter. Joshi wanted to retaliate but his father stopped him.

He accused Bhim Rao for his daughter’s action. Men asked for a soltuon. The father suggested that they should fila a complaint against Bhim Rao. Josh doubted the law being of any help. Varchand assured the law being on their side.

Jijabai served everyone tea. Everyone doubted Jijabai being afraid of Bhim Rao and Rama. Hitesh asked what Jijabai was upto.

Meera informed Ramji about Jijabai’s talk with Bhabi. She told that Jijabai was serving everyone tea. There was something in her mind. Ramji went to ask her.

Hitesh and everyone accepted Jijabai’s plan. They deiced to support Jijabai, they were sure that Bhim Rao would be left alone. Ramji asked about the new drama being created. Ramji questioned Jijabai. She in return asked him to be with Bhim Rao and Rama who needed him right now. She taunted Ramji.

Varchand, Joshi, his father and rest of the cast members were headed to police station.

Ramji questioned JIjabai about her new plan. She told that the chawl members were into it this time. She asked everyone to go with Ramji, he didn’t want to be alone. Hitesh and everyone asked Ramji to come with him. Ramji and everyone left. Jijabai asked why Meera wasn’t going.

Daliya brought more woods for Nirmala. She offered to make tea to her. Nirmala wanted to make tea for everyone who were helping her in need. Rama said that she didn’t like a guest making tea for her, it wasn’t right. Hitesh added up, said that it wasn’t right of Nirmala to live here. Joku added that the chawl members would decide who will live here.

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