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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th October 2022 episode Hitesh along others go to meet Joshi. They apologized Joshi for the past. They wanted to meet Joshi. Joshi refused, said that they were coming here to meet their death.

They called off the agreement due to fear of death in foreign state. Joshi told that the would kill everyone if they stood here for longer. Joke asked them to help Bhabi’s son. Joshi refused to help them anymore. He left in anger.

Hitesh went after Joshi; he convinced Joshi to listen. He told Joshi about Bhabi’s son and what happened to them. Hitesh asked Joshi to save them from Bhim Rao. Joshi agreed to help, he called the sons. Joshi assured them to help. He had a solution for them, asked them to do something.

The men were ready to do anything for their property. Joshi asked them to kill Bhabi and blame everything on Bhim Rao. This act would turn the tables for everyone. They questioned. Joku said to Janardan that it wasn’t for them to decide. Joshi asked how to do it. Joshi told them.

Hitesh judged them for being greedy beyond limits, they were ready to kill their mother. Janardan said that it wasn’t their concern, all they wanted was to ruin Bhim Rao.
Bhabi came looking for her sons. She couldn’t find them, than asked Daliya about them. She worried if they left upset. Jijabai asked her to come inside and eat, her sons will come back. Bhabi was worried, she refused to eat before their sons. She will wait for them, feed them first.

The sons complied with Joshi’s advice. Property was their future. They were ready to kill his mother. One of the sons went inside the chawl first. He went inside and told everyone that Bhim Rao was being beaten badly. Everyone went to see.

The sons stop Bhabi. She understood that she distracted everyone to get the paper signed. The sons told that they have another option.

Rama and everyone went to the location, asked locals about the fight. Bhim Rao found Rama. She questioned Bhim Rao, asked if he was alright. Bhim Rao was confused, told that he went to see lawyer, met Bhim Rao on his way. Meera told that Bhabi’s son told that Bhim Rao was being beaten up.

Deepak rushed into the chawl, he confronted Bhabi’s son for burning Bhim Rao’s books. He grabbed Deepak. Bhabi came with her other son, they were about to burn the books. Deepak begged them not to burn the book.

The chawl members were headed back.

Bhabi threw petrol on the book. Her son set them on fire. Deepak shouted at them. They wanted to teach Bhim Rao a lesson, he tore their documents. They burnt his books.

Bhim Rao came back. He questioned everyone for burning his books. Bhabi stopped Rama. Her son stopped Bhim Rao. Bhabi asked Rama to teach Bhim Rao not to interfere in other people’s matter. Ramji came, freed Bhim Rao. He stopped Bhim Rao. Jijabai asked someone to bring water and set off the fire.

Ramji questioned her for hiding her Bhabi’s crime. Rama questioned; the books were brought from the scholarship money. She grabbed Bhabi’s hand, asked her to bring back the books. Bhabi questioned Rama for being mental. Rama questioned. Bhim Rao asked Rama to let go of Bhabi’s hand. Rama cried. Bhim Rao comforted her.

At night, Bhabi’s son were ready to kill their mother. They will tell police that Bhim Rao killed their mother for burning his books. The men were headed to kill their mother. Joku, Hitesh and Janardan didn’t favor them killing their mother. They only wanted Bhim Rao to get the blame and rot in jail.

The men crossed Ramji and went inside. One of the sons grabbed a pillow, went inside to kill their mother. One of the sons placed a pillow over her head, one grabbed her legs. The body stopped moving, they thought that she died. They were about to leave. When they came outside, they found their mother standing in front of them. Both the sons got scared. Bhim Rao and Rama came from behind.

She blamed herself for bringing up animals who wanted to kill her. She burst into tears. The men refused. Bhim Rao confronted them for lying. He knew that they met Joshi with Hitesh and others. They knew what they talked to him about, Deepak told him everything. The men pleaded for their mother to forgive them.

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