Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2022  episode Ramji adheres to his decision to act on streets and earn for living, he asked Puranjan to tell that Ramji doesn’t get hurt. Puranjan reminded Ramji of his age. All Ramji knew was his responsibility, he went to act.

Puranjan called people to see Ramji’s act. While he held the rope in his hand, he recalled the many allegation Jijabai had against Bhim Rao. He hit himself. His eyes closed absorbing the pain he suffered. As people gave money, the wounds became visible, and Ramji’s eyes watered with tears.

Rama asked for leave as she finished her work. The woman lent Rama money to fulfil her needs, she put them on the floor. Rama took them, thanked the woman, and left. While coming out she saw Bhim Rao arguing with a man about his child’s education. Bhim Rao was asked to leave, take medication. Rama interfered,

said that doctor pronounced Bhim Rao to have the highest intellect. The man inquired. Bhim Rao informed that Rama was his wife. The wanted to be left alone. He left. Bhim Rao didn’t realize when he got near Rama’s workplace. Rama asked about the number of people Bhim Rao was able to convince. Bhim Rao has no answer, but he remained determined. The woman prayed for Bhim Rao’s success.

Rama came home with loaded bags and grocery. Meera inquired how she arranged the money for such shopping. Hitesh recalled what the man told him earlier. Rama said that she got the money from her workplace. Hitesh called Rama for getting money from a man. Rama furiously went her. Hitesh said that truth cannot be denied, no one has ever showed such empathy towards the lower caste.

Daliya amma’s son agreed. Phuilya, Meera and Daliya amma stood with Rama. Jijabai was astonished. Lakshmi said to have no other choice. Rama asked everyone to visit her workplace and see the truth. Bhim Rao stopped everyone. He didn’t doubt Rama’s loyalty for a second hence and no reason to question her character. Hitesh said that Bhim Rao and Rama, both are involved in this together. Rama asked him to go and check.

Bhim Rao stopped her. Rama insisted. Hitesh questioned. Bhim Rao would never put Rama to question as it would mean that he didn’t have faith in her which wasn’t true. Bhim Rao took Rama inside.

Rama and Bhim Rao were cooking. Ramji came in. Jijabai asked if he got some work. Ramji handed her the money he earned. Anand couldn’t get any work. Jijabai inquired the sort of work Ramji got. Ramji asked Jijabai to worry about the money. Bhim Rao felt that Ramji was hiding something. Lakshmi questioned Ramji. Jiajabai said that his work was to earn while Jijabai’s work was to cook and serve.

Ramji went outside. Puranjan stopped Ramji from doing such work again, he couldn’t stand watching Ramji hurt himself. Ramji said that they would become addict to it someday like the others. They had no other choice.

Bhim Rao heard, he questioned Ramji. Bhim Rao was asked not to worry about their neighbors. He questioned. Ramji wasn’t answerable to his neighbors. Bhim Rao wanted to know if Ramji was doing something he shouldn’t. Ramji said that as long as Bhim Rao worked as a sweeper, he wasn’t eligible to question another profession.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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