Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2022 episode begins with Varchand taunting Bhim Rao for his struggles because his caste will live like animals, as always. Rama asked Varchand to leave. Bhim Rao asked Rama to let Varchand speak. Varchand said that Bhim Rao’s efforts have given him zero reward.

Joshi’s house was being cleaned by the chaw members.

Bhim Rao on his way recalled Varchand’s words. He saw his people working in Joshi’s house. Bhim Rao left.

Bala reached Bhim Rao. He heard about he tragedy. He knew that Bhim Rao cannot let anything wrong happen to his family. Bhim Rao disagreed, he said that everyone had their own way of living. Everyone was allowed to do what they want.

He asked Bala not to wrong his wife. Bala asked him to have a different topic to discuss otherwise he will never meet him. Bhim Rao said that it was for Bala to decide. Bala argued because Bhim Rao said that everyone had their own way of living. Bhim Rao left. Bala wished to go somewhere far from Bombay to have peace. Varchand heard the conversation.

Lakshmi decided to visit Anand, doing so she can be with Anand and earn as well. Rama agreed. Bhabi taunted, it wasn’t an orphanage for people to come and leave as their will. Rama did say so.

Jijabai questioned her about the lecture she gave to Deepak’s mother. Jijabai asked Rama to tell how they must talk to her. Bhabi asked Lakshmi to behave, Jijabai is her mother-in-law. Lakshmi went inside in anger. Everyone went inside, after Lakshmi.

Joshi scolded the chawl members. He asked them to work properly. A man came to meet Joshi. He was greeted by Joshi. They went inside. Joshi asked for tea. The man came to ask for Joshi’s help. Joshi was open to help. The man asked for some labors. Joshi agreed to arrange him some labors. The man said that the labors will be sent abroad on a 5-year agreement. He wasn’t sure if those people will live, survive, or come back. Joshi told that man that his labor was working right in front of him. No one cared for these people.

Jijabai stopped Lakshmi who threw away Jijabai’s money. Bhabi questioned. Lakshmi said that this is money that her husband needs the most, otherwise he would die. Lakshmi, Rama, and Ramji struggle to find work every day. Jijabai reminded that she offered her the money, but Lakshmi refused.

Lakshmi questioned because Jijabai wanted to use this money against Bhim Rao and Rama. She wasn’t like the chawl members. Lakshmi can not be bought by money. Jijabai said that the chawl members were more intelligent, they weren’t like Lakshmi. She hit Lakshmi. Jijabai said that Lakshmi didn’t care about Anand.

Lakshmi knew how her husband was. It was her fault that she couldn’t recognize Jijabai, understand her as a mother, wife, or a human. She questioned Bhabi calling Lakshmi ill – mannered. Jijabai was about to slap Lakshmi. Meera stopped her. Lakshmi hugged Meera, she refused to believe that the house felt like home. Bhabi collected the money. Rama was in tears.

Varchand came to Joshi’s house. Varchand said that Bala wanted to go away as well. He suggested that all chawl members should be asked to leave. This would not clear their path but weaken Bhim Rao as well. Joshi said that they must take calculated steps to accomplish this task.

The lawyer saw Bhim Rao lost in his thoughts. He called Bhim Rao, asked him to sit. He told Bhim Rao that at start of his career to lost 17 cases back-to-back. He went his mentor, told him that maybe this profession wasn’t for him. His mentor told him that failure is one step towards victory. The lawyer lost 4 cases after that as well, but since then has won all the rest.

Joshi’s men distributed sweets to the chawl members. He told that they were lucky. They are being offered a five-year agreement with to work abroad. They will earn a lot of money there. Joshi asked to prepare rest of the chawl members for this job and inform him latter.

Hitesh asked if they would actually earn a lot of money. Joshi gave him a sweet, said that Hitesh would earn enough to buy sweets for himself. Everyone was happy. They went back to their chawl. Joshi intended to send Bala and chawl members abroad to decreases Bhim Rao’s strength.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
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