Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th February 2020 Episode Start With Bheema enters the courtroom with a bowed head. Ram ji says he is here. All eyes turn to Bheema. Bhimbai asks him what happened. Bheema says he wont come. There is no lawyer and no witness! Sakpal family is taken aback while the villagers smile evilly. Bheema says my Baba is innocent. Please leave him or else hold all of us responsible for doing Kaki’s last rites too. We did it together. We too should be put behind bars. We cannot live without Baba. We will stay there only. Prosecutor says this is actually right. Ram ji is not the only one who is responsible for it. Entire family should be punished if this was their joint decision. It should be a lesson, an example for everyone no community could interfere in the decisions made by another community. Ram ji calls it his personal decision. No one else is involved in it. Punish me only. Bhimbai asks him why he is taking the entire blame on himself just to save them. Judge tells them to be quiet. Prosecutor requests judge to give his decision. In the absence of any witness or support, the Judge is about to come to a decision when Barrister Sir enters. I am sorry for coming late. I am Ram ji Sakpal’s lawyer.

Sakpal family wipes their tears. Villagers look at each other in confusion. Goons step out of the courtroom. Judge reprimands Barrister for coming late. He explains that he was threatened to not appear in the court. I did get afraid but this kid opened my eyes at the right time or the court would have announced a wrong decision today! He takes permission to present his case. Judge allows him. Barrister calls Kaki’s husband in the witness box. He complies and takes the oath to be truthful. Barrister asks him if he still accepts that lady as his wife even when she was ousted. He nods. Barrister says you challenged that you should be the one doing the last rites of your wife. Why do you think so? Prosecutor objects but Barrister says this is indeed important for the case. Judge overrules the objection. Barrister repeats his question. The guy says she couldn’t fulfil her dharma but I had to. Barrister says I agree that your dharma comes in between this. Can you tell me how many days ago did you wife die? He says 10 days. Barrister asks him why he dint get his head shaved. That is also your dharma. Prosecutor objects again but Barrister reasons that he is from the same community. He should have done it if he really wanted to follow his dharma. Wouldn’t you still have gotten your head shaved if she had died a natural death? They actually have a problem with Ram ji Sakpal and his family! That is the only problem. Ram ji not just welcomed that lady in his home but he also did her last rites. Any sensitive person would have done the same. Prosecutor says no one has the right to intervene between society and dharma. Barrister agrees. This is why Ram ji Sakpal went to file a report first thing in the police station. He asks for the police captain but Prosecutor tries to reject the idea. What is the use of it? Barrister speaks of justice. This case is associated with the death of a woman. I must validate the facts. Judge overrules the objection.

Police captain comes in the witness box. Barrister asks him if Ram ji had come to register a complaint that day. Police captain fumbles. Barrister reminds him to speak the truth as per the oath taken by him just now. If you try to ignore it, I can get witnesses who can support this. Did he come there and why? Police captain agrees. Ram ji Sakpal came to register a report and every villager there was willing to take responsibility individually. Barrister asks him if it wasn’t his duty to take control of the situation. Prosecutor questions the kinds of questions Barrister is posing but he reasons that society takes control of the rules and law in their hands when law cannot do it. Who can dare to punish the innocent if that will actually happen! Prosecutor sits down dejected yet again as Judge overrules Prosecutor’s claim. Barrister repeats his question. Police captain says we would have picked up the body only if Ram ji Sakpal hadn’t done her last rites. Barrister asks him if he was waiting to see the dead body rot. Why dint you go to the site with Ram ji immediately? You actually got afraid of these people! What will a victim do if the law wont do its work in the right manner? He tells Judge that everyone would have let the dead body rot if Ram ji hadn’t done it. Prosecutor challenges it but Barrister says I am positive as entire village was celebrating that day. Her husband was holding a procession that time. Prosecutor asks for proof. Barrister says I have written witnesses of 5 people. I can submit it if you want to but I am afraid that they will meet the same fate as that woman if I disclose their details. Do you want to ask any questions? Prosecutor shakes his head.

Barrister says Ram ji went against society and dharma as neither this society nor law was interested in fulfilling their duties. Ram ji is indeed a culprit if it is a crime to show humanity. No one cares about a living woman but we question a man who takes care of a dead woman. We deem that person as guilty! I am also a part of the same community but if I hadn’t come here ignoring all that then I might not have been able to look at myself in the eye tomorrow. Bheema smiles. Barrister says I am glad that this little kid opened my eyes today. All eyes turn to Bheema. I tried to break him many times but he dint give up. He kept trying to make me take his case and get his father justice. You have heard my stance. It is your duty to make the right decision now. Judge gives decision in Ram ji’s favour. He is set free with due respect.

Sakpal family hugs each other happily. Bheema smiles proudly. Judge requests Ram ji not to cross the line between dharma and community. He also orders police to nab the actual culprit of the deceased. Villagers get tensed. Police captain will also undergo investigation for his carelessness. The session ends. Ram ji hugs his kids. Villagers glare at them. Narayan says you escaped this time but I will take a memorable revenge next time. Ram ji says the investigation has begun. Try to think of ways to escape from the fire of justice. Even the warmth of that fire is enough to burn people down.

Bheema thanks Barrister Sir for coming on time Barrister recalls Bheema’s words a while ago. You are one in a million. He tells Ram ji his son is very talented. I cannot comment on who he will become but he will spend his life looking at himself in the eye. He will teach the society how to live that way. Take good care of yourself. He leaves. Sakpal family smiles. Bheema thanks Ambedkar ji for guiding them to Barrister Sir. Ambedkar ji says we will not be able to face ourselves ever. Maybe we dint help you enough. Please forgive us. Ambedkar ji and other Guru ji fold their hands sadly and leave.

Puranjan asks Bheema to lead them home. You are the real winner today. You are our leader today and we will be your followers. Bheema leads them gladly / proudly holding his Baba’s hand as his family follows.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Mangesh says Seth lost his respect this way. Villagers second him. Sakpal family reaches home but finds Ganga’s husband waiting for her. He is drunk. Why dint my wife return home yet? She refuses to return but he holds her hand forcefully. A husband can be of any kind but a wife must always be by his side. Mangesh is looking intently at them. Bheema asks his Jija ji to let go of Ganga’s hand.



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