Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th October 2022 episode begins with Anand asking lawyer about Jijabai. The lawyer didn’t him about Jijabai. Anand asked Ramji about Bhabhi’s address, he solve the family issue.

The lawyer taunted him for it, being three brothers yet unable to get a woman her justice. He directed it to Bhim Rao for not getting her justice. Rama told Lawyer that Bhim Rao initiated the reason Jijabai left the house for. Lawyer was eager to solve this issue, as punishment Bhim Rao will lose his scholarship.

The women of this house won’t be offered any job, Anand will die facing the punishment. Lakshmi asked lawyer to stop. Lawyer assures that he will put his words into results. Ramji asked him to leave. Daliya said that she bares witness that this house has never been unjust to Jijabai. Others agreed, Deepak’s mother said that adoption needs consensus. Ramji doesn’t agree to adoption, Jijabai didn’t need to file a case for it. She was walking herself in a mess. Daliya told that other than adoption issue this house has never done anything wrong to Jijabai.

Bhim Rao asked lawyer to leave, going to court is Lawyer and Jijabai’s legal right but he wanted her to come home and solve the issue. Rama told that incase Jijabai goes to court, everyone will support Ramji. Lawyer agreed. Joshi came asking lawyer to knock some sense in Bhim Rao and his family Varchand was willing to help lawyer for it. The lawyer didn’t care who they were,

he was with law and will work for it. Joshi questioned him for taking him lightly. Bhim Rao asked Joshi to pay respect to a lawyer. He asked the lawyer to go and prepare for his case. Joshi mocked Bhim Rao asking for respect. Jijabai has played well this time; the entire family will lose this one. Rama asked them to celebrate their lose but don’t if they win, it was habitual for her to fight Joshi. He no longer bothers her or anyone else.

Hitesh came to lawyer asking him to punish Bhim Rao. Lawyer asked him to prepare witnesses against Bhim Rao and others. Hitesh happily agreed to do so.

Bhim Rao never imagined the issue going to court. Rama wanted to talk it out with Jijabai, court won’t help them anyways. Bhim Rao knew that Ramji wont tell them about Bhabi’s address. They were going out to find her. Ramji told that it was useless, Rama refused to listen. Ramji gave them a note to read. Jijabai sent a letter; it was more of a struggle. It said that Jijabai was going to Pune.

They will fight this war and whenever in this fight Ramji agrees to adopt a child with him, they must send her a letter on this address. She will come back. Ramji snatched the paper and tore it. He left. Rama said that they will fight, everyone was right in their opinion. Rama went to find work. She asked Bhim Rao to go and see his lawyer. Bhim Rao collected pieces of that paper, tried to reattach them.

Rama, Lakshmi, and Bala’s wife were going out to find work. Bala asked Rama not to take her wife. she objected and she herself wanted to go out and work. Bala questioned his wife for going against his wishes entirely. She has finally understood that it was Bala’s mentality that stopped her from working, so that she never succeeds. Bala questioned them for humiliating him.

Bhim Rao interfered, said that they were right. Bala told that his wife can not handle a lot of work at once. She fell ill last time she out did her stamina. Bala cared for his wife. Bhim Rao asked them to go and find work. Bala questioned. Bhim Rao said that this can be a new start for her. Bala was mad, he will never show his face Bhim Rao after this challenge. Bhim Rao left.

Deepak sat down, said that Bhim Rao was facing a lot of troubles in his life. He wanted to help Bhim Rao. Joku came to him, said that education will make him rot like Bhim Rao. Deepak questioned, he left his education and agreed to become a labor once but not again. He will follow Bhim Rao’s path this time. Hitesh came.

He called Joku and Janardan. He asked them to show support to Jijabai in court. Janardan questioned that Bhim Rao was helping Jijabai anyways. Hitesh told that they need Jijabai to win. Joshi told him that once Jijabai wins, she will win every time. Bhim Rao will lose his scholarship. They agreed.

Bhim Rao met the lawyer on his way.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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