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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd August 2022 episode Varchand questions Bhim Rao. Deepak’s mother spoke up that no one will understand her pain as a widow. She questioned that why a woman has to live with the man-made rules though she suffers with it. Jijabai questioned Deepak’s mother for losing her shame by asking such questions.

She replied for not being shameless, a widow suffers like no one else. She has to live day and night helplessly, with no one to take care of her. She agreed with Bhim Rao, Nirmala and Abhay must get married. Joshi cursed the woman, questioned because she voted to evict Nirmala and Bhim Rao out of the chawl.

Daliya replied, said that her inner woman is awake. Joshi would never understand, he is not a woman. Rama asked the widow lady. She said that she dreamt about her husband many times, she tried to make him stay but he left every time. Bhim Rao made her realize that she must allow her dreams to come true for Nirmala.

Rama said that Nirmala shouldn’t be asked to suffer like everyone else. Phuliya spoke in favor, said that Nirmala and Abhay must be allowed to get married. Jijabai called Phuliya hypocrite and double faced. Phuliya agreed with Deepak’s mother, woman is woman’s enemy.

She agreed and believed in what Bhim Rao said. She will support Bhim Rao; it is not necessary for her to agree with Bhim Rao every time but today. Joku questioned. Meera called Joku, said that it was for women to decide women’s future the ones when man destroyed for them. Meera questioned Jijabai for protesting against Nirmala’s marriage when she was herself a widow.

Meera knew what a widow goes through, so she convinced her brother into marrying Jijabai. Jijabai was thankless and shameless. Meera would be having a happy like if someone like Bhim Rao came to rescue her. Nirmala was lucky for having Bhim Rao by her side.

Hitesh taunted Bhim Rao for running everything, the women have started to speak now. Nirmala asked the widow women to switch places with her. The woman was silent. The elders spoke that her silence was the answer. The woman defied. She raised her hands towards Nirmala, saw her with blissful eyes. Joshi and his companions were restless. The woman showed sings of love towards Nirmala and Abhay, blessed them. Joshi’s men called the woman mentally retard.

The woman pleaded Infront of Joshi and his father to allow Nirmala to get married. Nirmala was part of this society; it would get easier for her. Phuliya begged as well. Joshi refused to let go the rules. British officer challenge Joshi said that the wedding will take place. He ordered Bhim Rao and Rama to start preparations. Varchand told that he wasn’t afraid of the army, they will fight.

They were about to get in a fight, but Bhim Rao interfered. Barrister asked Bhim Rao to start the preparations. Joshi refused to let it happen. He grabbed his sister’s hand. British officer ordered his men to take positions. They aimed their guns towards Joshi. British officer asked Joshi to get back. Joshi refused to stay silent. He was leaving for now but will return and answer everyone.

Joshi and his companions left. Everyone else started preparing for the wedding.

Abhay’s father asked Ramji to call his Pandit since Pandit from his community wont come. Meera said that she will call someone. Bhim Rao asked Rama to have the bride and groom ready for the wedding. Rama questioned since they didn’t have any bridal clothes. Varchand’s wife came, she brought wedding dresses for the bride and the family. They took Nirmala to get her ready.
Jijabai called her mental. Lakshmi taunted Jijabai for considering everyone mental. Bala left. Ramji went after him.

Ramji stopped Bala. Ramji was grateful to Bala for saving Bhim Rao. Bala said that Bhim Rao was his brother as well. It was his responsibility to save him. Ramji reminded that Bala has a wife as well. He should be responsible for her as well. What Bala did for Bhim Rao was more of a favor.

Bala got frustrated for being insulted every time. Ramji wanted to remind Bala that a good person performs all his duties well. Bala didn’t want to be a good person. He asked Ramji not to care for him.

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