Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st October 2022 episode begins with Bala grabbing his wife’s hand, he asked her to free it. She tried to free herself. Bhim Rao was praying for her to fight; women are not weak. He leant it from his mother, Bala’s wife can fight this as well. Bala’s wife recalled how she freed her hand from the rope.

Rama saw the marks on her other hand. Eventually, she was able to free her hand. Bala fell down with a jerk. Everyone was about to clap. She asked them not to clap, no wife likes to see her husband fail. She was asking him to come inside to have the tea, she knew he would ask her to do this. All wishes are not for good,

Bala’s stubbornness was for the bad. Bala asked her not to lecture him. He wondered what magic she used to win from Bala. She gave him tea, to drink as per condition. He has t drink it today and everyday from now on. Bala took it. She asked him to drink as he said himself that men stay mark to their words. Bhim Rao came to Bala’s wife; he wasn’t celebrating anyone’s victory rather praise the hidden qualities of a women.

Rama applied medicine on her sister in law’s bruises. Rama told that what she did was not usual for her or any other money. Everyone will remember it. Bala’s wife argued that Rama learnt to see big picture every time, but for her this wasn’t a big accomplishment. Rama told her that tying her hand to a rope and then breaking it was big thing. She was screaming in pain.

Rmaji asked Meera to see how the screams weren’t affecting Bala, though they were audible to him. Meera said that Bala has become heartless. Bala negated, asked them to see that Bala was drinking tea which meant that Bala lost, and his wife won. It was a 10-days challenge, in next 8 days Bala will melt.

Bala was eager to teach Bhim Rao and his wife a lesson in next 8 days. Bhim Rao came to him, asked for the cup of tea. He also asked him to go and see his wife, she tied her hand to a rope and got injured. Bala asked Bhim Rao to look after her since he was responsible for it. She was happy ding house chorus, but Bhim Rao made her think otherwise.

Bala’s wife and Rama came out calling Lakshmi to come with them as they were going to find a job.

Bhim Rao asked Bala to see his wife going outside the house, he has kept her indoors for his likings only.

A lawyer came asking for Bhim Rao, Rama, Anand, Lakshmi, Bala and his wife, Ramji, and Ramji. Ramji came forward and told that they all belong to same family he was the head of this family. The lawyer told that a case has been files against them. There will be an investigation against them, and they will be punished for it.

Bhim Rao questioned. The lawyer talked to Ramji, told him if Jijabai was his wife. Ramji questioned. The lawyer wanted an answer. Bhim Rao asked Lawyer to talk respectfully to his father. The lawyer taunted them for throwing a woman out of the house and then asking for respect. Ramji told that Jijabai was his wife.

The lawyer informed that he was Jijabai’s lawyer. Daliya and Deepak’s mother wondered how she got the money to get a lawyer. The lawyer told that Jijabai gave her father’s belonging to him to fight this case for her.

Ramji told that she wasn’t thrown out rather left herself. She asked for something which they didn’t accept. The lawyer didn’t care. Ramji said that he didn’t care as well, he went inside. Hitesh wanted to inform Joshi about this development.

Ramji came inside, he refused to adopt a child. Bhim Rao requested him to accept the demand or else another fight will start. Jijabai was right this time. Ramji asked him to let go; it was his fight. Bhim Rao was worried because he wont be able to support Ramji in this fight and it will break a lot of things. Ramji left.

Joshi was planting a tea, Varchand was watering it. Hitesh came running to them. Joshi questioned. He informed that the issue didn’t end with Jijabai leaving rather she sent a lawyer asking for justice. The lawyer was willing to send Bhim Rao and his family to prison. Varchand asked where the lawyer was. The lawyer was in chawl. Joshi asked Hitesh to plant the trees, they were going to chawl and meet the lawyer.

The lawyer said that Ramji can not run away. He was going to buy vegetables. Ramji asked the lawyer to file a case against him and punish him only. Lawyer told that the complaint was files against everyone, hence everyone will be punished.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update

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Telecast Date:21st October 2022
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