Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th August 2022 episode begins with Abhay’s parents willing to marry his son and Nirmala in Bhim Rao’s chawl with full zeal and zest. After that they would leave Bombay. The British officer took responsibility to take care of their security.

Jijabai asked the officer if he would still help when the upper caste would come question them. He said that he would help whenever it is needed.

He asked Jijabai that running away from a problem doesn’t solve it. Bhabi and everyone else had no issue until and unless everything was happening under British officer’s guidance. Hitesh went to inform Joshi about it.

Joshi yelled at his men for being weak. He blamed them for his defeat. A man argued, the guns frightened them. Varchand said that this was the time to think about their society that got scared of guns and had to let go of its rules.

Joshi also blamed the elder of the society for his defeat. Hitesh informed Joshi that Abhay and Nirmala were getting married right now. He told that the British officer would send them away. Another widow standing near left in anger. The elder shamed Joshi’s father for having a daughter like Nirmala.

Joshi picked some mud and put and on every man’s face and then on his own his. He said that they have lost today, in saving their traditions. The mud symbolizes their defeat. Varchand agreed with Joshi. He asked to have it put of all elders as well. The mud would not be taken off until they win their traditions back.

Bhim Rao came back to Rama and Nirmala. He told them about the wedding. They grabbed their stuff and left towards the chawl. While going back Bhim Rao turned towards the house and prayed in front of it. Nirmala questioned.

Bhim Rao said that the house gave us shelter in need, he also wanted to thank the lady who gave them the house. Nirmala said that them were a lot of other things that helps them. Bhim Rao agreed, said that a heart must always be gracious and grateful for everything.

The chawl was being decorated. Abhay’s wanted everything to be perfect for his son. He asked Abhay to rest inside. The widow woman came to Abhay asking who she was. Abhay told that she was her nanny. Who has taken care of her more than his mother. The woman reminded that what happened a snake bit him.

He remembered that she stayed beside him all night, the entire neighborhood stayed awake with them. She told that no one ate anything that night, everyone was worried for him. They cared for him because they believed in him, but he defied everyone. He ruined everyone’s hope. The woman slapped Abhay.

His parents questioned the woman. The woman told that Nirmala came in his after a long time, they were in his life way before. Their demand from Abhay to follow the rules are correct. Abhay can not defy them. Meanwhile, Joshi barged in with his men. Rama questioned. The woman asked Abhay to answer.

Abhay asked Bhim Rao to answer on his behalf. She asked Bhim Rao to answer. If he convinces her she would bless them but if not than this marriage would take place over her dead body. Joshi’s men chanted to stop the marriage.

Jijabai questioned the British officer. Hitesh also believed that this marriage should not happen. The officer asked his men to get rid of Joshi and his fellows. Bhim Rao stopped him because he considered answering the woman necessary. Bhim Rao asked the woman that since childhood till now how many times has Abhay greeted her. She said it wasn’t something to keep a record of.

Bhim Rao asked that whenever he greeted her, she must have prayed for him. What prayer did she gave him the most. The woman answered that she prayed for him to be happy. Bhim Rao asked if she could see Abhay happy now.

She was standing against the happiness for someone she prayed for to stay happy. Varchand questioned, asked if their hoped and wished mattered as well. Ramji asked Varchand to wait and let Bhim Rao finish. Bhim Rao asked the woman if she sewed Abhay’s shirt button to which Bhabi taunted that this wasn’t the time to have discussion about a tailor. Bhim Rao asked her to be quiet since she knows nothing.

Bhim Rao said that one must always be a tailor. Abhay must have learnt it from her that a torn cloth must not be thrown away. Abhay was doing the same for Nirmala. Daliya agreed with Bhim Rao, if there is someone to help you on the right time no woman would stay miserable. Joshi misbehaved with Daliya asking her to stay quite.

Rama asked Joshi not to interfere as well. Bhim Rao asked them woman when did she become a widow. She told that when Abhay was 2years old. Bhim Rao said that in 23 years has she never dreamt of her late husband or wished for him to return.

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