Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th October 2022 episode begins with Bhim Rao telling Ramji that the adopted child’s mother wouldn’t be Ramji’s wife. Ramji refused to listen. Jijabai questioned, her not being a mother to his step children didn’t mean she cannot be mother to any other child. Ramji argued, said that Jijabai doesn’t have the motherly love in her to be anyone’s mother. Ramji left. Jijabai left her Justice for Bhim Rao to decide, it was for him to decide for her future.

Ramji was wandering on the street, he came across Varchand and Joshi. Joshi asked Ramji if they have any celebration. Varchand taunted, said that they don’t have the status to enjoy any celebrations and sing in it. He taunted him for only going there for food. Joshi taunted Bhim Rao, he must be busy with his lectures.

Ramji asked them not to waste his time. Joshi asked what upset Ramji. Hitesh came to inform Joshi and Varchand. He told that Bhim Rao asked Ramji to become a father. Varchand questioned. Hitesh clarified that Ramji was asked to adopt a child. Varchand mocked Ramji, his always righteous turned against his own father. Varchand was curious to know what Ramji would do. Joshi asked Ramji not to make the adopted child like Bhim Rao.

Meera questioned Bhim Rao for making more troubles for Ramji. She told Jijabai was doing it deliberately, to distance Bhim Rao and Ramji. Bhim Rao knew that Jijabai blaming his children for her situations upsets Ramji more when she blames Ramji. He didn’t want Ramji to stand clueless in front of her, at least now he can say that they tried for Jijabai to get justice. Meera left in anger.

Rama wondered how that got involved in so much mess, from Bala to Ramji and Jijabai. Bhim Rao said that that’s how it goes, they all come together and leave making you a stronger person. He asked Rama to sleep. Rama opened her hairs, Bhim Rao questioned. Rama was thinking of making a knot.

Bhim Rao questioned. Rama replied that it would make her hair stronger. Bhim Rao made her sit, to make knot in her hair. He brushed her hairs than made a knot in them. Bala’s wife looked at them through the window, wondered if she could ever have a relationship like that with Bala. She must be really blessed to have such relation. Bhim Rao measured her hair length to see if they will grow tomorrow. Rama laughed as they don’t grow within a day.

Next morning, Bala’s wife came to Bala and recalled Bhim Rao making Rama’s knot. She tried to wake Bala up, leaned towards him and woke him up. She brought him tea, she was shivering. Bala questioned her for being afraid. He told that everyone was making a fool of her, reality has shown her that a man’s power is always more than women. He asked her to come back with him.

She refused, said that Rama and Bhim Rao only wanted her to know her worth. Bala challenged her to free her hand from him. She cannot win every time. Bhim Rao and Rama saw them, he hoped for Bala’s wife to accept the challenge. She accepted the challenge on one condition, to drink the tea and never challenge her again. Bala agreed. Bhim Rao wondered if she would win for not.

Meera stopped Jijabai, she told that Jijabai opted the wrong path. It would leave her all alone. Jijabai refused to listen, she will do what Bhim Rao said. Meera refused to let her go, Jijabai would ruin the entire family.

Bala asked his wife to free her hands. She recalled Rama advising her to close her eyes and not see her husband in front of her. Bala asked her to open her eyes. She tried to free her hand and screamed in pain. Bhim Rao and Rama came forward asking Bala to let his wife go. They tried to free her hand. Bala’s wife asked Bhim Rao and Rama to let it go.

Lakshmi asked Meera to let Jijabai go, stopping her was of no use. Jijabai agreed with Lakshmi. She told that she will pack her stuff and leave today.

Ramji interfered between Bala and his wife. He asked Bala to let go of her hand. Bala told his wife that she would only drink tea from her hand if she wins. She must realize the extent to which she hurt her husband.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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