Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th August 2022 episode begins with Nirmala willing to fight the society and Joshi. The lawyer stopped her, her going there won’t change the situation. Ramji agreed. She questioned. Bhim Rao knew that he had to help now, firstly he would free the, and handle the rest. Bhim Rao left.

Abhay’s mother was being taken away by the women while Abhay was screaming. Joshi taunted Abhay; he was helpless. Abhay didn’t care, he did not consider himself wrong. The elders told Abhay not to complain. They left.

Jijabai called Lakshmi; she wanted Lakshmi to call Ramji outside. Lakshmi told that he wasn’t home, they can tell her what they wanted. Jijabai asked Lakshmi to tell what Bhim Rao has done. Abhay and his father were tied to a tree and beaten brutally while his mother was being held hostage.

Bhabi taunted Lakshmi because she told everyone about Bhim Rao being able to help Abhay and his parents. Bhabi twisted Lakshmi’s arm, she asked Lakshmi to cry if she wanted to free herself. Daliya amma asked Bhabi to let go but she didn’t. Bhabi wanted Lakshmi to cry and beg. Lakshmi cried out of pain. Joku told Phuliya that he was leaving for work for him it was a routine.

Lawyer and Ramji were going somewhere. Ramji was mad at Bhim Rao. Lawyer knew where Bhim Rao was going.

Bhim Rao found Abhay and his father. He wanted to untie them. Varchand, Joshi and other came laughing at Bhim Rao. They threatened Bhim Rao to have him tied to the tree as well until he hands over Nirmala to them. Bhim Rao questioned them for considering him weak. He asked them to turn around and see what he came with. Ramji was headed their way with the lawyer and policemen. Joshi and others laughed.

The policeman questioned Joshi for having someone tied to a tree. Joshi asked him to arrest Bhim Rao because he was the one who broke the laws. Policeman told that the Lawyer got protection letter for Bhim Rao,

he can not be arrested. Policeman has to arrest everyone. Joshi’s father asked Policeman’s audacity to touch him. He asked them to look behind. The elders of the society were coming their way with sticks in their hands. Joshi wanted everyone to be tied to a tree, especially the lawyer.

Lakshmi cried in pain. Daliya comforted her. Jijabai praised Bhabi for teaching Lakshmi a lesson. Joku came, he informed them about Ramji and Bhim Rao being held captive by the upper caste. Jijabai blamed Bhim Rao.

Meera corrected Jijabai; it was Jijabai who was responsible for this mess. Lakshmi agreed, they don’t have any personal issue with Jijabai. If Bhim Rao, Rama, and Nirmala were here this situation wouldn’t have taken place.

She taunted Bhabi, as she wanted to see Lakshmi cry. Bhabi asked Lakshmi to behave. Lakshmi told Bhabi that it was easy to twist someone’s hand but really hard to wipe someone’s tear. Jijabai questioned Lakshmi. She wanted to teach her a lesson but for now saving Ramji was more important. Jijabai and Bhabi left. Meera and Lakshmi went as well.

Bhim Rao asked Joshi not to do so, it wasn’t right. He questioned the policemen for not doing anything. Joshi didn’t care for anything. He wanted to finish it all, he would hold Bhim Rao and Ramji captive then Nirmala would come, and they will win. Ramji said that maybe Joshi hasn’t understood, they will bear the consequences.

Joshi’s friends mocked Ramji. Joshi made fun of Ramji. He then asked Lawyer to speak as he wished. Joshi ordered men to have everyone tied up to a tree. While they were being tied everyone heard a gun being fired. Few policemen came with guns. Joshi’s men left. Varchand questioned them, asked if there was a ware going around. Bala came forth, told that he brought them here.

The British officer came as well. He ordered the men to untie Abhay and his father. A man leaned forward to untie them, but the British officer asked Joshi to do it. Joshi stared at him. British officer questioned Joshi, threatened to open fire at him.

Joshi untied Abhay and his father. Abhay hugged his father and cried as soon as roped loosened. Bhim Rao requested the British officer to bring back Abhay’s mother. The officer ordered her return. She came back and hugged her son.

Bhim Rao came to the British officer; he asked his men to lower his guns. Bhim Rao was thankful to the officer. The British officer asked him to thank Bala who informed him. Bhim Rao thanked Bala. The British officer asked Bhim Rao to accompany him. Bhim Rao, Abhay and everyone else went with the British officer.

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