Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th November 2021 episode Phuliya had gone to see Mangesh. He wanted her to clarify her relation to him. Rama replied that she showed humanity like everybody else who was there in the hospital. She told Hitesh that Mangesh would return back to this neighborhood.

Rama went inside and took the money Bhim Rao gave him. Meera questioned why their expenditure was more than their income. Rama was glad to have enough money for Mangesh and Bhim Rao’s forms. Jijabai wouldn’t let money be spent for Bhim Rao’s forms.

Mangesh was better than before. Hitesh came and taunted that he had created a fuss for his condition thought the doctor diagnosed him to be well. Puranjan asked him too silent up. Ramji asked Doctor’s for Mangesh’s discharge. The Doctor permitted. Ramji was glad. Police came to arrest him. Puranjan questioned.

Police said that he was a runaway prisoner. Rama asked police to arrest Joshi as well, Anand added asking to arrest his Sethji. Joshi came and questioned, said that the upper castes were privileged ones their arrest wasn’t possible. Ramji said that Mangesh’s needed rest. Police stopped him from intervening.

Mangesh stood up, agreeing to go. Phuilya pleaded the officer. Hitesh questioned that her begging for a strange man was questionable. Phuliya replied that Mangesh cared for her, rest who didn’t, and left were strangers to her. Police officer refused to agree with Phuliya, asked Mangesh to hire a lawyer for his bail. Bhim Rao asked police to take him. A lawyer would be hired to free Mangesh and arrest the real culprit. Mangesh believed Bhim Rao. Everyone left. Rama stopped Bhim Rao.

She asked I his faith in law protected Mangesh. Even Mangesh believed in Bhim Rao more than the law. The laws were too fragile to have faith in. Bhim Rao said that Rama was unable to depict the whole picture, what happened here was a part of law but once fulfilled will astonish Rama. Rama questioned the real face, the police or the British officer who arrested him. Mangesh would have died today if Anand would have talked to his Seth about Law. Rama didn’t believe in Bhim Rao’s laws.

Hitesh came to the neighborhood saying that Bhim Rao was wrong as always. Everyone questioned where he Bhim Rao was. Ramji left. A woman came questioning Phuliya for having an affair with a guy name Mangesh. Phuliya asked who the woman was because she wasn’t there when Joku left, or when she was being insulted. Daliya replied that she belonged to ones who are always there to take but never return. The woman left. Hitesh said that people would come and question her daily.

Ramji came to Bhim Rao sitting on a pathway. He asked him to come home, nothing would happen to Mangesh. They would face this like every other problem. Bhim Rao was questioning his faith on Law. Ramji questioned. Bhim Rao said that Rama was right, he explained what happened.

Rama told Meera that she was angry, asked Meera what she said was right or not. Meera considered her right but said that Rama shouldn’t have felt Bhim Rao alone. She left him stranded with he was at his weakest. Bhim Rao must be considering himself weak after all that happen. Rama realized that she said a lot, wanted to go to him. Meera said that it was her right to say. Rama hugged Meera.

Ramji told Bhim Rao a story about a village striving for rain. An old man asked them to pray. One day entire village gathered for prayer, a child brought umbrella. He was questioned. The child said that he believed that it would rain after their prayer. Bhim Rao asked if it rained. Ramji said that the crust of the story was to believe in what they preach. Bhim Rao must believe in law.

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