Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2022 Episode

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2022 episode begins with Daliya asking Lakshmi and Anand to move to their house. Even Daliya’s son insisted, it was neighbor’s right. Natwar took their stuff. Deepak was overjoyed to know that they stopped.

Bhim Rao went to Ramji. Ramji questioned, said that Lakshmi and Anand weren’t leaving. He didn’t want to hear that he was wrong. Bhim Rao asked why father’s love was so silent. Why no one can understand their love. Ramji questioned.

Bhim Rao understood that Ramji asked Daliya amma to stop Lakshmi and Anand in the chawl. Ramji refused doing that. Bhim Rao knew that Ramji was lying, he knew Ramji very well. If Daliya asked them to stop Bhim Rao would have understood but Natwar requesting Lakshmi and Anand to stay means he was talked about it. Ramji talked to him. Ramji started crying.

Bhim Rao wiped his tears and questioned. Ramji had no other options; his own children were considering him wrong. Ramji always wanted his family to live together, but for his children this house has become more of a court room. Bhim Rao sat beside Ramji, said that these were meaningless things.

His children might not share the same opinion owing to different situations, but it never meant that Ramji was wrong. Bhim Rao loved his father for his strong rules and values. He can never be thankful enough to have parents like Ramji and Bhimabai. After that Bhim Rao thanked Ramji for letting his brother stay in the chawl.

Hitesh, Janardan and Joku worried why Natwar stopped Lakshmi and Joku. They wondered if he came under Bhim Rao’s influence.

Lakshmi was grateful to Daliya and her son. Anand promised to pay the rent as soon as he gets a job. Natwar asked him not to worry about the rent, Anand must pay attention to his health. Daliya also thanked her son. Natwar left. Daliya was glad to know that her son coming close to humanity.

Deepak’s mother questioned Joku and others for talking ill. She told that there were many people in this world who would want people like Ramji and Bhim Rao to live with them. Joku wondered why Deepak’s mother said so since she was against Bhim Rao herself.

Natwar and Rami came face to face. They recalled Natwar questioning Ramji for asking his mother to let Lakshmi and Anand stay in his house. He wasn’t able to do anything when Daliya invited Bhim Rao and Rama. Ramji gave him some money, offered to pay it every month if he lets Lakshmi and Anand stay in his house. Natwar asked Ramji not to tell anyone about this.

Bala’s wife was adding salt in the dish. She hesitated, recalled Rama comforting her. She decided to do it herself this time. She added the salt, Rama saw and asked her to keep trying like this. One day she would change everything. Bala’s wife was sure that her hands would never shiver again. Bala came questioning.

Bala’s wife got up in fear. Bala recalled Joshi asking him to be harsh on his wife. He pulled his wife out of the kitchen. He could have hurt her instead told that he cared for his wife as well. He only hits her because she made him. He asked her to say whatever he tells her to Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao came from behind,

asked Bala to tell him herself. Bala was about to leave. Bhim Rao stopped him, said that he must show him result of showing manly power. He asked Bala’s wife to step forward. He proposed to show the manly power. Bala’s wife asked Bhim Rao to let it go. Bala said that men arm wrestle. Bhim Rao agreed.

He proposed to Bala and his wife to arm wrestle. Bala laughed; he was sure that Bala’s wife won’t win from her. Bhim Rao didn’t know who would win but was sure that she would everything to porve him wrong. Bala asked him to come outside. Bala went outside. Bala’s wife requested Bhim Rao not to make a scene of her, Bala would make fun of him and all the women. Bhim Rao asked her to face the reality.

Bala called everyone. He told that Bhim Rao thinks that women are stronger than men. Bhim Rao thinks that Bala would lose in arm wrestling against his wife. Everyone laughed. Ramji asked Bala to go inside or leave the chawl. Bala asked Ramji to let his wife go with him. Ramji went inside.

Rama said that wining was not the mission, she only needs to stand in front of Bala as a competition.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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