Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2022 episode begins with Anand and Bala fighting. Bhim Rao said that it wasn’t right. Rama took him inside.

Anand started coughing, Bala got worried. He questioned Anand. Anand took the chance and pushed Bala out of the circle. He than asked Bala to pick up the glass and hand it over. Bala leaned and grabbed the glass.

Ramji didn’t like degrading his son but when a son lowers his standards and values than the humiliation is inevitable. Ramji thinks that father must be humiliated on behalf of his son. He congratulated Anand for wining, said that both Anand and Bala won but Ramji lost.

Joku informed that even Anand won against Bala though he was sick. Joshi asked if they got the work done. Hitesh intervened, said that the accomplished the task. He brought Bala with them.

They have brought a valuable asset to Varchand and Joshi. Bala asked them not to be happy, he wasn’t here to turn against Bhim Rao. He wanted Joshi’s help to win the challenge against Bhim Rao and take his wife home. Bala has told them about many times before that he cannot be used against Bhim Rao. Joshi asked Bala to lower his voice, asked him to be a man. Hitesh favored Bala, he was the only man in that house,

he keeps his wife like a man should and was fighting for it. Varchand guaranteed Bala’s victory. Everyone questioned as Ramji and Meera were against him, Anand came back as well. Nobody was in Bala’s favor. Hitesh and others supported Bala but asked Joshi’s advice on winning the fight.

Bhim Rao asked Bala’s wife to strengthen herself, understand her rights and values.

Joshi told Bala to revise his rights and manly powers, use them more on his wife. Varchand warned him about the attack, as they would be more intense. Bala must strengthen himself.
Bhim Rao said that they won’t lose against any question or hurdle that comes in their way. They must have valid answers to all the questions and allegations. Bala’s wife must not fell weak against Bala. Meera asked Rama to prepare lunch for Anand and Lakshmi. Anand refused, said that he came here to take his stuff and leave.

Ramji questioned; he sensed that Anand disagreed with his decision. Anand agreed, he didn’t like Ramji’s decision. This house felt more like a court room to him, but he wasn’t Bala to argue Ramji about it. He didn’t consider Ramji wrong like Bala does. Anand asked Lakshmi to pack his stuff.

Bala asked Ramji to realized that another son was becoming like him. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to stop Anand, he didn’t seem right. Rama told that Lakshmi understood Ramji intention, but Anand hasn’t. Jijabai asked everyone to get her justice first, he reminded Bhim Rao about his written statement.

Anand and Lakshmi came with their stuff. Lakshmi asked Ramji not to be upset. Anand said that Ramji is never upset, his orders are always his priority. Bala spoke that despite Bhim Rao and Rama everyone in this house has some complaints from Ramji.

Jijabai said that her entire life was spent complaining, she only hopes to get Justice. Ramji asked her to be quiet, questioned if she has ever been fair to everyone in this house. He Justice sounds like a joke. Anand and Lakshmi were asked to keep their complaint to themselves. Ramji would never explain. Anand and Lakshmi left.

Hitesh asked everyone to look at Bhim Rao’s house and understand the fate of an educated household. Deepak questioned Hitesh’s taunt. Hitesh said that an educated household keeps throwing his sons out of the house.

Bala have never been home, Ramji himself has spent many days away from the house and now Anand and Lakshmi were leaving as well. Joku said that all the money one can get after completing their education was useless when there were no relationships left. Anand taunted them for finding excuses to complain about Bhim Rao.

Leaving a house and education has no connection. Lakshmi said that educated people separate with consensus. Educated people wouldn’t have taunted them for leaving their family. Deepak’s mother asked Anand and Lakshmi to stay here, not to leave until she comes back.

She went to Ramji, told that his house was a light in darkness. She has lived and learned a lot from him and his family. They were an example for her. She wanted her son to be like Bhim Rao, but the discussion being held outside made her fear that Deepak would start hating education. She didn’t want Deepak to run away from education.

Conditions have made her think otherwise, but she firmly believed that education make a person strong. She also knew that Ramji punished Lakshmi and Anand because of his strong values but Deepak would perceive it otherwise. She asked Ramji to stop Lakshmi and Anand for Deepak’s sake.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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