Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th May 2022 episode begins with Joshi ruining Bhim Rao’s work with his tea. Bhim Rao questioned Joshi. He asked Bhim Rao to redo his work. Bhim Rao called him selfish and rude. Joshi said that Bhim Rao deserved the behavior. Joshi left. Barrister came to him; he was aware about Joshi’s intention.

Bhim Rao asked why he was begin forced to work with him. Barrister said Bhim Rao that he can not run away forever, he has to work among these people, live among them and struggle to win. He asked Bhim Rao to sleep and come to work early.

Ramji asked his Sethi about the construction notice. Varchand came, he asked Sethji to question Ramji if he signed the paper. Ramji denied singing it as he was still unsure. Sethji questioned Ramji for doubting his credibility. Ramji trusted his Sethji but not Varchand. Sethi asked him to do what he pleases.

Barrister appreciated the points noted. Joshi was thankful, said that Bhim Rao helped him figure out these points as well. A client came to meet Barrister, he left asking Bhim Rao and Joshi to head home. Joshi taunted Bhim Rao.

Hitesh asked Ramji to sign the paper. Joku and his friends tried to convince Ramji. Ramji leaned forward to sign the papers, Bhim Rao stopped him. He asked everyone not to hurry they must be given written assurance before moving out. Hitesh refused, delaying the process would cost them this golden opportunity.

Puranjan and Rama agreed with Bhim Rao. Meanwhile, Maharaja’s men came to inquire why Bhim Rao didn’t go to college today. Bhim Rao told that he had to go to his job today. Bhim Rao’s job was not Maharaja’s concern, for him Bhim Rao must focus on his studies for else he would be punished. They left. Hitesh taunted Rama and Lakshmi for considering Bhim Rao intelligent. Lakshmi couldn’t care less.

Hitesh tried convincing Ramji into signing the papers. Ramji went ahead and signed the paper. Hitesh asked everyone else to sign the papers as well. Daliya and Phuliya refused to sign before Bhim Rao. Ramji was asked to convince Bhim Rao. Ramji ordered Bhim Rao to sign the paper. Bhim Rao refused; his heart wasn’t convinced.

Ramji questioned Bhim Rao for agreeing with the Maharaj and negotiated his entire life. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to sign the papers even if his heart wasn’t convinced. Bhim Rao denied. Hitesh, Joku and others taunted Ramji. Jijabai accused Bhim Rao for disrespecting his father in public. Bhim Rao said that he was only putting his opinion, he didn’t believe that this deal would get them any good.

Bhim Rao left. Ramji asked Rama to convince Bhim Rao that the deal was good opportunity for them to have a house. Rama said that Bhim Rao would not agree. Jijabai harshly asked Rama to do it or she would convince him her way.

Rama tied to tell Jijabai that convincing Bhim Rao was useless. Jijabai asked her again. Rama refused. Jijabai pushed Rama aside. Meera questioned Joshi for creating a scene. Rama said that she wasn’t stubborn but has finally understood difference between right and wrong. Rama left.

Hitesh and his friends went to Varchand, told him that everyone signed the papers except Bhim Rao, Daliya and Phuliya. They asked Varchand to send some of his men over. Varchand questioned everyone, asked them to find a solution for it themselves. Hitesh was extremely frustrated with Bhim Rao’s stubborn nature.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
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