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Doosri Maa 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Doosri Maa 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Krishna rushing Chotu/Nandu to the hospital and asks Doctor to save him. Doctor asks another doctor to start the treatment. The guy bringing them there, tells that the boy fell down from the orphanage terrace. Doctor says we have to inform the Police.

Lalita comes there with Girdhari and asks Doctor not to call police. She threatens Krishna to say if he was trying to elope. Krishna says yes, we tried to elope as you was about to sell me and had also sold Hemu. She then acts to cry. Doctor says Police will do enquiry.

Bansal comes home with Kamini and gives bouquet to Babu ji, on his birthday. Kamini thinks from where did he get money? She wishes babu ji. Bansal says he has much money, but it is in the party else he wouldn’t have brought 5000 Rs bouquet.

Arvind asks him to tell where his money is stuck. Bansal says his money is stuck in higher party. Krishna insists to meet Nandu, but Lalita slaps and threatens him. Police comes there. Lalita acts sweet and tells that Krishna made Nandu fall down. Krishna says no, and tells that she used to sell children and they tried to run to complain about her, but Chotu slipped and fell down.

Lalita says he is making stories and tells that she is innocent woman. She asks Inspector if I look like a sinner, that I sell children. She tells that Krishna pushed Chotu from the terrace and my heart wrenched. The guy tells that the boy Chotu fell down himself and this boy Krishna didn’t push him. Inspector asks the witness to come and give his statement whenever needed. He looks at Kamini.

Bansal continues his lies. He asks why they are waiting to cut the cake. Yashoda says I will bring the cake. Nupur tells Yashoda that Aastha threw the cake. Bansal tells Kamini that he had picked the bouquet from the Christian’s burial ground, where a fresh dead body had arrived for burial. She sees Sonu smelling it and asks him to keep it down, saying it is costly.

Lalita gives greed to Inspector, promising his promotion. He tells that Nandu shall not gain consciousness. He says he will handle the witnesses and will put blame on Krishna. Lalita shakes hand with him. Krishna overhears them and asks Inspector to arrest Lalita. He asks him to call Yashoda. Yashoda gets a call, but rejects it as she was stuck in the situation. She asks Aastha why did you do this?

Aastha says I got very angry and you say that we shall not bear wrong sayings. Yashoda says there is nothing than respecting elders. Nupur says we get scolded even if we don’t do any mistakes. Ashok says it is not like that. Aastha says we got punished for Sonu’s doings, and Dada ji asked us to give proof, as we are girls. He says we shall change the cake. Yashoda says my daughters will not lie.

Arvind comes there and asks how the cake fell down. He says babu ji was about to cut it. Nupur says Aastha did it to take revenge on Dada ji. Aastha says Sonu had torn our card. Arvind hugs her and says he will manage. Yashoda scolds Nupur and says you are equally responsible. Ashok asks him to go and buy the cake, going from back door. Kamini hears them.

Krishna asks Inspector where you are taking me? Inspector says juvenile home. He says I called Yashoda but she didn’t pick the call. Lalita says she had done so much for you, but you insulted her. Krishna says she will pick the call. Lalita says she will pick the call and asks him to go to juvenile home. Inspector asks Lalita to make sure witness don’t come to PS to give statement. Lalita assures him, and tells that Yashoda will not come.

Kamini asks Mahua to blow air in the balloon. She tells Bansal about Aastha and thinks to insult Yashoda infront of everyone. Krishna thinks of Yashoda and Nandu while he is taken to the juvenile home. He recalls Lalita’s words.


Doosri Maa 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector informs Yashoda that Krishna is arrested on the charges of murder. Yashoda doesn’t believe him. Babu ji asks Yashoda to promise that she will not go. Yashoda says she can’t promise him. Later the juvenile home kid inform someone about Krishna.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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