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Doosri Maa 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Doosri Maa 10th October 2022  Episode starts with Nandu waking up Krishna holding the leaf and wishes him happy Dussehra. Krishna asks if today is Dussehra. Nandu asks him to take the leaf for the good luck.

Krishna says Maa had made garland of these leaves for good luck. He reminisces Mala and his moments. Ashok also reminisces his moments with his mother. Kamini comes there and taunts that nobody sent flowers to her house. Amma asks her to come and says if I had sent flowers for you, then would you have made garland. Mahua says you increase the shine of the house during festival.

Kamini asks Babu ji to say something and asks her not to ignore her. Aastha and Nupur come there and tells Babu ji that they were playing with Chacha ji, and the ball hit him mistakenly. Babu ji hits the ball on Arvind and scolds him for playing with kids. Arvind says Kids insisted so he played.

Babu ji scolds him for not going to the shop. Arvind says I asked for money, but you didn’t give me money and asked for interest. Ashok asks how much money, you want? Arvind says I want 50000 Rs. Ashok says I will give you 1 lakh Rs. Kamini is shocked and tells her son that they are rich people.

She indirectly asks money from Ashok. Mahua asks why she wants to wash her hand in the flowing river. Kamini taunts Mahua for not giving her salary at home. Mahua asks shall I give so that all the money gets spent on you. Ashok says he is my brother and will return me money. Arvind says yes, I will return.

Yashoda brings tea and wishes them happy Dussehra. Kamini takes the tea cup and goes. Ashok asks Babu ji to celebrate festival with everyone and says he has some work. Babu ji says he don’t want to celebrate and says don’t know when they will have a grand son. Amma says if they have kids in their destiny then will get. Ashok asks yashoda if they came to know about Krishna.

Yashoda says she is going to meet him. Ashok drops her there and hears some people talking about charity food. He thinks if my son will eat charity food now and calls Manoj. Yashoda comes to meet Krishna. Krishna ignores her. Gayatri asks Yashoda why Krishna is upset with her. Nandu shows the sweets and fruits brought by Yashoda. Krishna asks him to return it.

Nandu asks why don’t you behave nicely with her. Krishna tells Nandu that whenever he sees her, his pain increases. Yashoda tells Gayatri that Krishna blames her for his mother’s death. She says the promise made to his dying mother, brings me here. Gayatri says kids are innocent and tells that she understand the child well, who doesn’t have her own child. Yashoda hears her. Gayatri says she don’t want to adopt any child.

Ashok asks Manoj to adopt Krishna. Manoj asks what is the guarantee that you will not have any love for him in future. Yashoda convinces Gayatri to adopt Krishna. Gayatri says but Manoj will not agree. Manoj asks Ashok to send Krishna very far to any boarding school.

Nandu tells Krishna that Yashoda loves him and came here running on a phone call. Yashoda comes there and tells them happy Dussehra. She tells Krishna that she is bounded by the promise given to Mala and asks him to bear her till then, and she will ignore his misbehavior. Nandu praises Krishna and tells that he wants to give you sona. He makes Krishna keep the leaves in Yashoda’s hand.

Krishna recalls everything and takes back his hand. Yashoda thanks him. She gets a call and goes. Nandu tells Krishna that he didn’t do right. Krishna says why did she say that she will make everything fine.

Yashoda goes to the law firm and gets the info about the people who used to work with Mala. The guy in the law firm tells the easiest way to know about the boy’s father.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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