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Dhadkan 28th January 2022  Episode starts with Aditi imagining Deepika and Vikrant’s romance. She screams. Suman comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Aditi says I m going to Deepika’s house, Vikrant is behaving like I m wrong. Suman says I will come with you. Deepika and Vikrant are busy in the surgery.

Guard says Deepika isn’t at home. Aditi says think well, maybe a tall and fair man is there. He says you can say you are talking about Vikrant, he didn’t come since few days, tell me, f you had any work with him. Suman asks Aditi to come with her. Vikrant says we did it. Deepika and Vikrant come out of the OT. They meet Shivi’s parents. Vikrant says congrats, your daughter is out of danger now.

The man says thanks, and really sorry. Vikrant says its okay. He holds Deepika and hugs her. Aditi and Suman look on. Aditi cries. Vikrant goes. Suman asks Deepika to wait. She says I want to talk to you, what do you think of yourself, you left my brother before marriage, why do you want to snatch someone’s husband. Ansari and staff look on.

Deepika says its hospital, calm down please. Suman says make your Karma fine, Vikrant is behaving rude because of you, think about Aditi, are you ashamed or not. She insults Deepika. She says you won’t get happiness in personal life, you can progress in career, you think of just yourself, you don’t care for other’s feelings, you can enjoy a lot, you won’t let any family happiness, women like you never get married,

you can’t keep the marriage or have children, you just want career and money. Deepika cries. She asks what’s wrong if a woman fulfills her dreams, I m not sorry. Suman says fine, why are you after my brother, go to someone else and sleep with them, stop breaking the family of married men, you are Vikrant’s mistress. Abhay comes and looks on shocked.

Suman says women like you can sleep with anyone, you are disgusting, you can go anywhere, stay away from my brother. Deepika cries. Suman leaves. Ansari and the staff gossip. Deepika sees the staff talking and leaves. Abhay runs after her. She shuts the door. He asks her to open the door, please. She sits crying.

He goes to Vikrant’s cabin. Vikrant asks is there any emergency. Abhay says there is a big emergency, its of top priority, I need to talk about Deepika, now. Vikrant asks the patient to wait. They go out to talk. Vikrant asks what’s the matter. Abhay says you don’t know, you are sitting relaxed here,

Deepika is listening to all this because she loves you, you know Deepika isn’t the reason for this, did she come finding you, did she tell you to give up your marriage, no, right, if your marriage isn’t working, then is it her mistake. Vikrant asks what happened. Abhay says it should have not happened, the staff has seen a second woman, a mistress in Deepika, who can break anyone’s marriage and family,

you do anything with your life, I don’t care, don’t you dare ruin Deepika’s life. Vikrant asks what happened, did Aditi do anything. Abhay says your sister has publicly humiliated Deepika, she used cheap words for Deepika, its not done, I understood it with difficulty that its not a second woman’s mistake if a marriage breaks, operate and fix your life, decide and take a stand, if anyone humiliates Deepika again, then I will not spare you, I m her friend and fight for her, fix this now, go. Vikrant goes.

Vikrant hears the nurses commenting on Deepika and his affair. He hears the ward boys’ talking. Sia comes to ask Deepika her opinion on the case. Deepika says excuse me please. Sia asks are you okay, are you unwell. Deepika says please, go from here, leave me alone. Sia calls Peroz. Deepika runs out. Madhvi says I know Deepika well, I didn’t know that Vikrant was in her life. Meena says she didn’t tell anyone. Madhvi says I didn’t expect this from Deepika, she fell in my eyes today.

Isha asks did Deepika kill any patient, you have no right to say this about her. Madhvi says we talk such about a woman who breaks someone’s marriage. Isha asks did anyone ask your opinion. Peroz comes. Isha says her life, her rules, Vikrant is married, okay, they were in a relation, its cool. Madhvi asks is it right happening with Aditi. Sha says we don’t know about them, we should not comment on them, avoid this talk. Meena says yes. Isha says we can’t judge Deepika. Peroz argues with her.

The man says Jamshed is my good friend, he assured me that a senior doctor will attend me, Vikrant or Deepika, who are you. Abhay says sorry, they are not available. He gets Jamshed’s call and scolds him. Abhay says give me 2 mins, I will call Deepika. Vikrant asks for Deepika. He calls her. He sees Suman leaving. He goes to Jamshed. Deepika is sitting on the terrace. Abhay comes to her. She says please, I can’t. He sits beside her.

He says you don’t need to go into a shell, its not your mistake, if you are worried about insult, then one can insult us when we allow, we won’t give this right to anyone, don’t sit here crying and acknowledge this insult. She asks what do I do. He says continue your work, Vikrant has to take a stand, else he doesn’t deserve to be with you, if someone loves you then he will not tolerate anyone treating you badly, he is not the right man for you, you always made your own choices, right, you always defined yourself, you don’t give this power to anyone, don’t get affected. She gets a call. She leaves.

Jamshed asks where is he. Vikrant comes and sees her. Jamshed says this conversation will get awkward, I wasn’t looking forward to this. Ansari and Prince talk about Deepika and Vikrant’s affair. Sia hears this. Ansari says its foolishness to get after a married man, maybe she wants freedom, everyone wants love in life, Vikrant is clever to enjoy. Abhay says Deepika is your senior, you are gossiping,

shame on you, you keep you judgement to you. Ansari asks why are you so angry, we are talking about Deepika, did she do your surgery also. Sia asks do you even hear yourself, how can you talk such a disgusting thing about Deepika, news flash, its not a college but a hospital, keep this boys locker mentality outside, you blame women and doubt their character, why. Ansari says ask women also,

why are successful women after married men, why, isn’t there their mistake, didn’t Deepika know that she will be talked about. Sia says if there is enough love between husband and wife, then they won’t go out for love, Deepika isn’t wrong, why isn’t anyone talking about Vikrant, girls get blamed always, no one judges a man, right. She asks Ansari to have decency like Abhay to defend a woman in her absence, you have no idea of her side of story.

Jamshed says you both are senior surgeons, you women were shouting on each other because of this affair, I won’t take it. Chakravorty asks what’s happening. Jamshed says they have an illicit love affair, our hospital respect is at stake. He says Deepika, you knew Vikrant is married, don’t you think you should have thought of this, Chakravorty fought with me to hire you, how can you have an affair with a married man,

do you have any morals. Vikrant says enough, you crossed your boundaries, better stay in your limits, our society works on dual faces, I m also involved in this obvious affair, why is Deepika wrong alone, am I not wrong, I also knew that I m married, you are just asking Deepika, why not me,

why are you asking, who made you the moral police, its our personal matter, stay out of it, keep your morals and judgements with you. Jamshed says your personal matter is playing out in my hospital, I won’t handle this scandal. Vikrant says its our relation, its love, I love Deepika. Deepika looks at him. Vikrant says I want our relation to get treated with dignity, behave well with her, else you have to pay a price, I won’t take it.

Sia says if you want to blame any woman, then remember she might be going through a personal hell, its none of your business. Ansari goes. Abhay stops her and says thanks for taking Deepika’s side. She says its no big deal, you oppose the women who try to get involved with married men. He says half info make us land in wrong judgement, time changes our perspective, I had no idea about mum and dad’s matter, I understand it now, a person can fall for someone else too, its possible and its okay. She goes.

Vikrant says lets be professionals, you raise a question on us when you have a problem with our work. Chakravorty says make sure that your personal issues don’t create a problem in the hospital. Vikrant says sure, can we go now. Chakravorty says sure. Vikrant holds Deepika’s hand and takes her. They go to his cabin. He holds her face. They cry. He says I m really sorry, Deepika, I promise, this won’t happen again. She hugs him. He says enough, we don’t need to answer anyone, you aren’t wrong, I will walk with you in the hospital corridor, you won’t hide.

Peroz attends Madhuri. She says don’t tell my husband about my condition. Peroz says this is called love, Madhuri worries for her husband so much, Rahul would also worry for her, its true love. Madhuri says I didn’t say that for true love, if Rahul knows this, then he will ask me many things. Isha smiles. Peroz says you think Deepika did right, its cheating, its wrong. Isha says its not about Deepika, its you, your insecurity. They argue. She asks him to judge himself.

Aditi cries. Suman says I insulted Deepika so much, she will leave Vikrant now. Aditi says I gave 10 years to Vikrant and this relation, I did everything, how can he choose Deepika and not me. Suman says Deepika can’t snatch Vikrant. Vikrant comes and defends Deepika. He says you have to take her name with respect, you are disgusting, she isn’t. She asks did you get drunk. He says you called her a mistress, a selfish woman who can sleep with anyone,

didn’t you understand that she works here, you tried to insult her in her workplace, I love her, talk to her with manners, I won’t tolerate a word against her. Aditi asks him to calm down. Suman says let him say, he is shouting on me for a stranger. He says you won’t understand it, I have no hope with you, I don’t feel like calling you Didi now. He asks Aditi to shut up. He says you forgot you are my sister, I don’t want to forget that I m your brother, please leave from here.


Dhadkan 29th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The nurses refuse to work with Deepika. Madhvi also scolds her. Deepika cries. She sees Vikrant with Aditi.

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