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Dhadkan 21st January 2022 Episode starts with Aditi arguing with Vikrant. She says I know you don’t love me, Deepika is the reason that we are not having a child. He asks her not to blame Deepika. She says she was between us since ten years.

He says sorry. She says I m tolerating this since ten years, I accepted this and kept this marriage, because you are my husband, there is no bigger truth. He says we aren’t happy together, how long will we pretend, we will get separated if the marriage is not working, I can’t do this. She asks why not, I m also keeping it,

we will not talk about this topic. He asks why are you tolerating this if you are not happy. She says we know that you don’t care for my happiness. He says fine, I m selfish, I want to end this marriage, I want to get separated. She cries.

She says you were cheating me, you would have not told me the truth if I didn’t come here, am I wrong. He says you aren’t wrong, I did wrong, I want to fix this by breaking our marriage, I can’t do wrong with you, Deepika and myself. She cries and goes.

Deepika waits for him. Chupke se kahin….plays… Vikrant comes to her. He says I have come back, I told everything to Aditi, I came to you forever. They hug. She dreams of him. She gets up and looks around.

Vikrant is on the way. He comes to her house. He sees the lights off and leaves. Aditi worries. Its morning, Aditi asks the servants to clean the house. Vikrant comes. He sends the servants. He asks did you forget everything what I said. Aditi says no, forget it, shall we spend the day together.

He says no, I have to change and go to the hospital. She says I m going back to Delhi today, its fine, I have to clean the house before going, can we have breakfast together, please. He says actually I m getting late, I have to go.

Deepika is at the hospital. She says send the junior residents to me. Abhay greets her. He says I will change and come to help. The lady says Rojak feels nausea, what did the reports state. Nurse says reports have come, we are waiting for Vikrant. Deepika checks the reports and goes to see Rojak.

Ansari says we should get their checkup done. Prince says you got all the locality people for the checkup. Ansari greets the locality people. Ansari says your routine tests will happen today, okay. He doesn’t see someone and asks for Mausi. He calls Mausi. She says I m alone here, I m ill. He asks why, give phone to Bharat.

He asks Bharat to get Mausi to the hospital. Sia says you didn’t take an off today. Ansari says some people work a lot. Sia says good, else I would have worked alone today. He says thanks for help. The guy says Ansari is a nice person, he always have time for the locality people. He praises Ansari. Sia smiles seeing Ansari.

Deepika says sorry, he has HPS, unfortunately, there is no cure, he has to be on oxygen throughout, we have to get the liver transplant, you have to find the matching donor. Abhay and Deepika explain the case to Rojak’s wife. Deepika says if the surgery happens soon, it will be better. Vikrant comes to the hospital. He calls the advocate. He says I wanted to talk about divorce.

Abhay gets down the lift. Vikrant asks did you see Deepika. Abhay says surgical floor. Vikrant goes. Isha and Peroz argue. She clicks his pic and puts a poll. Deepika sees Vikrant and turns away. He stops her. He says please come to my cabin, I need to talk.

She says I have work. He says you promised me that you will give me time, please come. She goes with him. Aditi talks to Vikrant’s mum. She says he is fine, I m coming back, I will keep visiting him, okay. She recalls his words and cries.

Vikrant says I told Aditi everything about us, I m talking to the divorce lawyer to process, its a matter of some time, I have no one with me, I need you, I had lost, but I want to spend my life with you, we were one unit, I want to create that again. She says I can’t do this, I m not able to think of life or future,

I m saving myself from shattering, each day is passing with difficulty. He says I promise, I will always be with you, please don’t go, tell me, what you are thinking. She says I have work, I will die if I don’t work, I can’t talk to you, let me go. She goes.

Sia and Ansari check the patients’ files. Bharat gets Mausi. Ansari scolds him. Bharat says Mausi is antique piece, how long will she stay alive. Ansari says everyone gets old, don’t worry, we will make Mausi fine. Bharat says we have no money to treat her. Ansari says we will treat her, she always helped us, its our turn. The guy says do the checkup, we can’t let her die. Ansari says FMS does charity also,

don’t worry. Deepika says sorry, you are not a match, find any other donor. The lady worries. Rojak’s first wife Raina comes. Rojak says I called her, her blood group is same like me. The lady says we are finding a liver donor for Rojak, can you help, you can give him a new life. Raina asks what, this is bizarre.

Abhay says if the blood group and anatomy are compatible, then you can donate the part of liver to Rojak, it will redevelop in two months, but there is always a risk. Isha and Peroz argue. He asks her to behave well. She asks do you belong to dinosaur era, you can’t do research by books, you can do research like I do, funny teddy. He says you have to tell me everything. She says good try, I will go to that hospital myself. She leaves.

Twinkle says you hate me, but you love Rojak right. Raina says I used to hate you, but he took a stand for you, he used to love you, I have no feelings for him, there is no love, don’t take me wrong, Rojak was my past, I have moved on, I m happy, I wish you both stay together, I will help him. Rojak thanks Raina.

He says I had love for you for some point of life, I still love you and will always do, thanks. Raina says no, its okay, I understand. Twinkle asks can we do Raina’s tests now. Deepika says sure. Abhay asks are you okay. Deepika says I should, I feel okay today after many days, I hope Rojak gets the match. Ansari thanks Sia.

Sia says Mausi’s case is registered under charity, I explained everything to Bharat. He says I m worried for her case. She says we will treat her, we will take a small break, it was your off today, you worked a lot, my treat. He says why this favor on me today. She jokes. She says I will change and come. She goes. He smiles. Peroz gets angry.

Sia asks why are you sulking. Peroz says Isha is a pain, she is troubling me, she was pulling my cheeks and hair. She asks really. He says she thinks she knows everything in the world, she is just 18. She asks him to chill. He says she is so irritating. She says don’t overreact, behave normal. He says I m normal.

She says she is affecting you. He says she is challenging my beliefs. She says you are thinking a lot about her, you like her. He says I hate her, I will prove my value. She asks what’s the big plan. He says I will apply for FMS PG scholarship. She says its top notch. He says yes, I will prove to her. She says you know it, its really hard to get it. He says I will apply it this year. Deepika sees Vikrant and goes. He follows her. Teri dhadkan…plays… He leaves.

Sia orders the food. Ansari orders just a sandwich. She says I ordered things for both of us, you can try it also. He says I m habitual to just stay in my limits, I can’t like something that I can’t afford, you won’t give treat everyday. He asks why are you behaving good to me, you had thrown my gift and told me what you felt. She says sorry for that day, I was upset and angry, I vented it out on you, I m sorry,

let us keep past in the past and move on, when we can’t understand a person, then we get irritated, but now, I get you, who you are, your world, I get it. She holds his hand and says I m really sorry. Peroz is also there. He sees Isha’s social media account. Sia sees him there. He asks her to see Isha’s research. He says my research topic is also similar, I have to do something, I have to defeat her. She says calm down, you are getting intense, do your best.

Vikrant comes home and sees Aditi. He says I spoke to divorce lawyer, its better if it happens with mutual agreement. He drinks water and sits with her. He says I don’t want to do wrong with you, you can ask for alimony, you keep Delhi flat, we have to discuss, don’t be silent. She goes. She unpacks her bag. She says I m not going, I will stay here with my husband. He gets shocked.


Dhadkan 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhay asks Deepika to eat something. Deepika scolds him. Aditi meets Jamshed. He asks her to join the hospital. He says welcome to FMS. Aditi say we can spend more time together. Deepika looks on.

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