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Choti Sardarni 7th January 2022 Robbie comes home. He meets Param. He says Seher you look exactly like Meher. God bless you. Rajveer comes. Param holds him. Rajveer says he can’t see. He gives Seher’s money to Rajveer and says keep it. He says I forgot your eye bulb is fuse. I am giving this as Seher’s blessing.

He says Seher you are doing Charity like Meher and Sarab. Seher takes the money. She says this isn’t charity. He’s my husband, Rajveer. Robbie says sorry I forgot but he’s a liability. Seher says he’s my life not a liability. Kulwant says already start talking like you always do. Family is family. Harleen says this is Seher’s happiness.

Robbie says she’s our child How can we let her make a wrong decision. Karan says she’s an adult. Param says he’s our brother in law. No one can talk to him like that. Rajveer says I can’t see but I can do my responsibility towards Seher. Kulwant says dogs bark when storms come. Right Robbie?

Seher says to Raj I am sorry about what Robbie said. He says he was right. I am a burden. The kids show Seher video how she helped him without telling him. Seher says go and study. Rajveer says why are you doing all this for me. You will get tired. Instead of taking care of you, you have to do it. Seher says don’t say that. Rajveer says I don’t like being a burden on you. Seher says don’t say that.

Scene 2
Seher prays for Rajveer. She recalls him crying. Seher says I have to do something but what? Kulawnt also prays for Rajveer. She says my kids are in so much pain. Please help them baba ji.

Seher calls Param and Karan. Param says you minded what Robbie said? She says guess which fist has my happiness? They hold her hand. Seher says my happiness is in both of your hands. Seher says you both should get married.

KAran says what are you saying. I won’t get married. Seher says it will bring happiness in our family. You both have to think about it. Mama papa wanted the same. They both leave. Karan says I dont wanna marry. She says didn’t I? Param says we have to take care of you and Raj, there are already too many problems. Param says they won’t understand our situation.

Seher comes out and says I don’t wanna live here if my brothers don’t listen to me. My brothers think their wives can’t adjust here I’ll leave if no one understands me here.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2022
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