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Choti Sardarni 6th November 2021 Kulwant scratches her hair. Param and Karan look at her. They get emotional. Param goes near her but she ignores him. Param cries. Karan says be strong. We should be grateful our grandmom is back. Our love will heal her soon. Kulwant looks at them. Kulwant says who are they?

Must be Sarab’s friends. Rajveer says yes. This is Param and this is Karan. She says touch my feet. Param and Karan touch her feet. Harshdeep says when will this drama end. Param says nani do you really? Kulwant says nani? What is he saying Meher? Param says you remind me of my nani. Kulwant says all mothers are the same.

All nanis look alike. Param and Karna hug her. Kulwant says where are you wives? They wives? Kulwant says why aren’t they married? It’s okay. I will find you both wives. Seher says yes very quickly. Kulwant says my Meher will help me. I will stay with her here. Harshdeep is shocked. Seher says don’t worry, you will stay with your Meher.

Scene 2
Harshdeep says Seher it makes me so emtional seeing your love for Kulwant. But given her condition, is it safe to keep her here? Shouldn’t she be in hospital where she gets better medical facilities? Seher says dida you say family heals the wounds faster. Keeping her here would heal her faster, I am sure you want that too.

Harsh says but there are some boundaries with relationships. Seher says if Raj’s nani wants to stay in Gill mansion, I can’t say no to her. So can’t my nani live here? Rajveer says it’s her house. Harshdeep says you’re right. We are all a family. Go take care of thenani.

Bitu and Rana come with their luggage as well. They say we will also stay with mummy ji to serve her. Bitu says we it will be so mucb fun. Rajveer says this is exciting. Param and Karan leave. Param says to Seher take care of nani. we will do everything for her. Karan says take care of yourself as well. Kulwant says Meher I am really sleepy. Seher takes her to the room.

Scene 3
Seher says to Rajveer wehn I was a kid mama would make me sleep in her lap. She would tell me stories. Then I would go to nani and hear the same stories. Nanis are like moms. I had to tell her the story today. Rajveer says we have to take care of them. Seher says I want to be the kid as well. I want to sleep in her lap. Rajveer says whose dress is this? Seher baby’s? We have to cut it from here. Seher runs after him with a slipper. Rajveer holds her. Rajveerr says I am really proud of you.

Scene 4
At night, Hashdeep is asleep. Kulwant comes to her room. Harshdeep is scared. She screams. Kulwant takes her lipstick and says let me do makeup. Harshdeep says let me tell you. Kulwant puts a knife on her throat. Kulwant says Harshdeep.. nights are owl’s and mornings are hen’s. She laughs. Kulwant says wake up in the morning and do kukdokuu.. Harsh is scared. Kulwant takes her out. She puts the knife on her face. Harshdeep picks a vase and tries to attack Kulwant. Kulwant holds her hand and says kukdokuu.. Kulwant says stay silent and walk. She locks her in the room.

Kulwant laughs. Harshdeep says what are you doing? Kulwant says so many years I stayed in mental asylum and became like this. I did such bad things to my daughter and SIL. This is the punishment of my sins. But now.. if anyone tries to harm my daughter I will cut their eyes out. Kulwant says no one can harm my Seher, even if it’s CM Harshdeep Kaur Babbar. I will cut them into pieces. Harshdeep is shocked. She recalls Kulwant called Seher Meher. But now she knows it’s Seher.

Kulawnt says what happened? Shocked? Harshdeep says that means you are fine and you remember everything? Kulwant says I have more experience of politics than your whole life. Years ago, you contested elections against my Sarab. I warned you back then. You didn’t listen. We defeated you back then too. I am the champion of the games you are playing. Now you just see. In your house, I will play the same game with you. We won’t tolerate any injustice. She spins the knife around her.

Harshdeep screams. Kulwant says already screaming? I didn’t even touch you. Door knocks. Rajveer and Seher come. Harshdeep screams. She says Rajveer.. Kulwant says I was sleeping. How did I come here. Harshdeep says she came here. She had lipstick on. She was scaring me. Kulwant has wiped her face. Kulwant says what lipstick? Thank God I found Farshdeep. Seher says Harshdeep. Kulwant says she locked me in the room and started screaming. Save me please. I am very scared. Seher says don’t worry. Nothing happened. Come let’s go to sleep. Kulwant stares at Harshdeep.


Choti Sardarni 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bitu says to Rana where were you? You had to look after mummy ji. Seher says mama ji. Kulwant says mama ji? Harshdeep says to Bobby I want everything related to Kulwant. We have to know her secrets to stop her.

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Telecast Date:6th November 2021
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