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Choti Sardarni 5th May 2022 Episode starts with Kulwant telling mannat that she will make Gajar ka halwa for her. Mannat says she will make Gajar ka halwa and asks her to make Rajma Chawal for her. Kulwant says ok. Mannat thinks if her mother was with her, then they would love her the same way.

Scarlet asks Zoravar to see the paranda. Kiara comes there and asks him to eat food. He refuses and goes. Scarlet acts as Zoravar. Kiara laughs and tells that she will go to her exhibition. Dolly asks Scarlet why she got sad. Scarlet asks what shall I do, to make him happy. Dolly says men like good food and says if you want to win him, then make good food. Scarlet asks what he likes.

Dolly says Gajar ka halwa. Scarlet thinks she might have told about Gajra. Mannat makes Gajar ka halwa and gives to Kulwant. Kulwant says we will keep the bhog for Baba ji and then we will eat, as you made it for the first time. Mannat thinks everyone shall like it. Kulwant brings the halwa after keeping it for Bhog, and makes Mannat eat halwa, while Kulwant makes her eat rajma chawal.

Mannat likes it. Kulwant likes the sweets too. She says my radio is not working. Mannat says I will repair it and tells that she will have rajma chawal, made by her. Gini tells Jeetu that Mummy ji made Rajma Chawal for Manpreet, when I asked her, she refused.

She asks if Mummy told about the rent amount and asks if she checked her papers. Jeetu says don’t know. Kulwant calls Gini and Jeetu and tells that Mannat has made the halwa, which they would never had before. They get doubtful about Kulwant’s changed behavior.

Gini comes to Manpreet and asks her to give her adhaar card, says I want to see it once. Seher tells Kulwant that she got Advertisement published to search Mannat. Kulwant gets worried. Seher says there is no response till now. Kulwant thinks I want to tell you, but Mannat gave me promise and you have to handle your marriage.

She wonders what to do. Manpreet searches the Adhaar card, and gives it to Gini. Kulwant comes there and takes card from Gini, before she could see. She scolds Gini for doubting on Mannat. She asks her to give food to the cows etc. Gini goes. Kulwant asks why did you give your Adhaar card to her. Mannat says she didn’t think and just gave. Kulwant says she will handle her.

She lifts Mannat on her back. Seher comes there and sees Mannat on Kulwant’s back. She gets surprised. Kulwant asks Manpreet, did she see how powerful she is? She says she had challenge mannat and won. She goes to talk to Panchayat people. Mannat says she has some work in market and goes. Scarlet comes to the market and asks for Gajra.

The seller says he sells Gajar. Mannat comes there and sees scarlet, understands that Scarlet wants to make Gajar ka halwa. She asks the boy if he would like to have icecream and buys it for him. The boy goes to Scarlet and tells her that the seller has fooled her and gave wrong thing. He gives her bittergourd and says it is gajar/carrot. Mannat smiles.

Zoravar talks to Scarlet while he is driving the car. Mannat is standing on the car. Kiara feels neck pain while she is driving the car and hits the car with the tree. Mannat runs to her car and sees her. Kiara tells her that she has neck pain and asks her to take her to doctor. Mannat asks her to try her once, and trust her. Kiara says ok. Zoravar stops the car seeing Mannat with Kiara.

Mannat tries to jerk her neck and make her fine. Kiara faints. Zoravar comes to Kiara and scolds Mannat, says his sister is precious to him and asks if she can’t do anything good. He takes Kiara to his car and says if anything happens to her, then I will not leave you. He drives off. Mannat thinks I don’t want to meet you, but I have to go to hospital for Kiara. Zoravar rushes her to the hospital.

Mannat reaches there. Zoravar asks why did you come here, I will sue you and get you jailed. She says I was helping your sister. He asks what is your value that you will help us, and asks her to pray for herself. He says if anything happens to my sister, then I will ruin you. Mannat hears and goes. Doctor comes out and asks who had jerked her neck, and says if that person had not done this, then surgery was needed. She says now her neck problem is solved. Zoravar is shocked. Mannat is about to leave.

Zoravar comes to Mannat and says Doctor said that my sister got fine due to you. He asks her to tell the amount and is about to write cheque for her. Mannat asks her to try and help someone, and now to show his value by offering money to her. She asks him to fill any amount and gives the sadqa of his sister from her side.

Zoravar gets upset. He comes home. Dolly tells Zoravar that Kiara is not having any pain. Scarlet comes there and tells him that the girl helped Kiara, who shouldn’t have helped her. She asks him to take the sweets made by her. He tastes it and says it is bittergourd halwa and not Gajar ka halwa. Dolly comes there and asks what happened? She says she has something better and shows him Gajar ka halwa.

He tastes it and says it is amazing and outstanding, and says he wants to kiss the person making it. Dolly says it came from Kulwant aunty’s house. Dolly says he will only eat it and nobody else will eat it.

Zoravar thinks to return Mannat’s favor and says I shall do something for her. He says I shall find out what she needs in life. Scarlet says she is an emotional fool and wants her real family. Zoravar calls Mr. Kapoor about Mannat and her father. Mr. Kapoor tells about her father. Zoravar asks him to send her address. Mr. Kapoor says ok.


Choti Sardarni 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Zoravar walks to Mannat. Mannat says to him why are you here? please leave. Zoravar says, I am here to return favour because you helped my sister, I found about your family, your father’s name is Baljeet. Bitto, Seher and Kulwant are shocked.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
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