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Choti Sardarni 3rd January 2022 Seher says if you don’t love me I should go from here. She walks out. Rajveer stops her. Seher holds him. Rajveer cries. He says I love you. I love you so much. Seher hugs him and cries. Rajveer says forgive me please. Seher says stop it. Seher hugs him. Rajveer says don’t cry please.

I made you cry. I am sorry. She says it’s my nose. He laughs. Seher wipes his tears. Rajveer takes out their friendship band. He says I kept it safe. Rajveer makes her wear it. Rajveer says we should discuss with your family once. Seher says they’re here. Don’t worry.

Sonali asks Rajveer how are you feeling now? He says better. Seher goes out. Harleen hugs Seher. She says are you okay? Kulwant hugs Seher too. Karan says we were so worried. We called you so many times. What happened? Param says how are you feet injured? Seher says some goons kidnapped me.

Kulwant says who dared to touch you. Tell me. Karan says tell me who were they. Param says show me your feet. Kulwant says did Raj do this? Seher says no he saved my life. Kulawnt says where is he? Param says why are you in hospital? Seher says I wanted to tell you all something. Seher says whatever Rajveer was doing the fights,

drama, there was a reason behind it. He didn’t want to be a burden on me and all of us. There is something happening in his life that has changed everything. Kulwant says Raj.. Karan says what? Seher says he’s lost his vision. He can never see. Everyone is shocked.

Kulwant says what are you saying? Where is he? They go in the room. Sonali gives glasses and stick to Rajveer. She says it will help you in the walking. Rajveer practices walking around with it. Everyone recalls their moments with Rajveer. Karan recalls Rajveer saving his life. Sonali says we have to make many changes in your life.

Make sure there are no sharp objects in your room. Karan holds Seher’s hand. Sonali helps Rajveer walking. Sonali says you need someone with you around till you are used to it. Seher says everyone is here to meet you. Rajveer says you all can see that I can’t see. He falls. Seher holds him. Rajveer says everything will go as per the plan. Seher and I will stay till court’s order. Seher says again the same thing?

Rajveer says she doesn’t listen. Rajveer says I know she’s your princess. Would you all like if your princess has to live her life like this? Would you all like if if Seher’s husband can’t see and she serves me all her life? A man who can’t protect her instead is a burden for her. I know her happiness matters a lot for you all.

Param and Karan wanted a perfect life partner for her. My life is full of darkness. How can I bring light in her life? She is stubborn. Tell her it’s not good for her. should she live rest of her life serving a blind man? Why are you all silent? Kulwant says yes we have to think a lot. We have heard truth from you after a long time. You’re right. Seher is our princess, she’s our heart. We saw big dreams for her.

We want a perfect future for her. We wanted a guy who could give her all the happiness, protect her, be with her. rajveer says I understand. Kulwant says at least you do that. Kulawnt says we can’t see our Seher in pain.

Seher says nani.. You say you understand Seher and see her heart. What did she say to me in sign? Rajveer says she said she wants to live with me. Kulwant says yes she loves you and wants to be with you. Love is blind. It doesn’t see anything. Race, health, anything. that’s why love is called God.

Karan says every person is imperfect. You have to find someone who has your heart. Param says you have always been there for her. Always saved her life. Karan says you love her a lot and she loves you too. Kulwant says our blessings and love are with you both. Seher says are you happy now?? This is my family’s decision.

Kulwant says this is your Seher. Her happiness is with you. Karan says we are all with you. We love you. Param says we are all there for you. HArleen says we know you love Seher. But this is the time to use mind not heart. Kulwant says your mind works too much. Our Seher’s happiness is with Raj and we will always keep her happy. She says to Rajveer if you try to go away from Seher’s life I will pull your ears.

Param says why did you hide it from us? Karan says if you told us we could do something. Param says we said so many things. I am sorry. Rajveer says no I am sorry. I troubled you all so much. I did really bad things. Kulwant hugs him. They all hug him.


Choti Sardarni 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher says we will all take care of Rajveer. He walks towards the balcony and is about to fall.

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