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Choti Sardarni 2nd September 2021 Everyone dances at the party. Harshdeep asks Seher and Rajveer to come dance. Rajveer tells something to Seher. He tells her about the keys he found when and the shed Narain went to. Rajveer says what could be the clue? Seher says we have to go to that shed. Anurita dances with Param. She says we will find a clue there. Rajveer recalls the keys that fell from Narain’s pocket and a tag. He picked it. Rajveer is in shock. He says I got the clue. Let’s go. They leave. Dida asks where are you going? Rajveer says we have to make an announcement. She says sure.

Rajveer says a very special performance now. A family group dance. Everyone comes on the floor. Seher and Rajveer sneak out. Everyone is busy in the dance.

Rajveer and Seher come to that place. They see the broken things. Seher sees a room key. Rajveer also finds some keys. Seher says Rajveer.. I found the batch. He says I found the key too. She says shed no. 15. He says let’s go.

Dida looks for Seher and Rajveer everywhere. Rajveer and Seher come to the shed. there are three goons there. They sneak in. Kunal is tied there. He’s behind the stuff so they don’t see him. Seher is going in that direction. A goon comes in. Rajveer says Raj narain. He runs after him.

Kuanl sees Seher. He’s shocked. Param llooks around for Seher. Dida slaps Anurita and says couldn’t you keep an eye on Seher and Rajveer? They are not in the shed. What were you doing? They are together. The truth is one step away from them. What will happen now.

Seher looks for Kunal. Kunal tries to break free. Dida’s men drag him out.

Mausa ji gets drunk and sings around Mausi ji. A woman asks where are the guy and the girl? Harshdeep says they are at the roof. They are talking. Enjoy the party. Badi bi wonders why did she lie? Has she figured out that they left? Or is it because she doesn’t want a drama?

Scene 2
Seher and Rajveer come to the place. Seher looks for Kunal. They see broken things. Rajveer says no one is here. How did it break? Harshdeep’s pen put hand on his mouth and take him away from there. Seher looks back. No one is there. Seher screams and looks for Kunal. She sees his paper flowers. She recalls how he was hidign to surprise her and she found him because she saw the paper flowers. He said when I miss you my fingers make them themselves. Seher says mama used to make them. He says that’s why you love both of us. Seher says Kunal is here.

Seher and Rajveer look arounnd for Kunal. They hear a car starting. Seher screams. They run after that car. Seher runs after the car, her feet bleed. Seher screams Kunal.. The song teri dewani plays. Kunal is in the car. He looks at Seher. The men grasp him tightly. Seher runs in the jungle. Rajveer runs after Seher. Seher keeps running. She falls down and cries. The car runs away. Seher screams. Rajveer comes there and sees her. Seher is screaming Kunal.. Rajveer holds Seher and wipes her tears. He hugs her. Seher sobs.

The watchman cals Dida and says should we kill him. He can become a danger if he’s alive. Harshdeep says no not right now. Until I say anything keep Kunal.. Param comes there. Harshdeep says I will talk to you later. Param says didi ji which Kunal were you talking about? She says Koko by cousin. What are you doing here? Enjoy the party.

Scene 3
Seher screams and cries. She says please get me my Kunal. I will give up my life if you don’t take me to my Kunal. Rajveer says don’t talk about dying. You will find your love. seher says I have said enough lies. I can’t do this anymore. I will find another way to save my brothers. She throws away their necklace and cries. Seher says I can’t annoy you anymore. It’s time to tell everyone. Rajveer says if that makes you happy, then we will do that. Let’s go tell Dida.


Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer calls Nikhil and says tell dida. We are coming to tell her important decision. Rajveer comes home and sits down in her feet. He says I know this wedding is important for you but I am sorry.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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