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Choti Sardarni 29th April 2022 episode starts with Rajveer taking Seher to his company. Seher tells him that she is very happy that his app is getting launched today. He takes her to his cabin and says his says soon farmers will have their company’s machine. She says she is so proud of him.

He asks her to stay beside him always and he thrives to spend quality time with her. Staff informs him that everyone is waiting for a celebration and takes him from there. Seher gets Prince’s video call who cries and says he is hurt and needs her right now. She walks to Rajveer and informs him about Prince’s injury and says she needs to go right now. He asks her to stay back till he cuts the cake, but she says she needs to go leaves from there. Rajveer thinks she didn’t do right.

Seher returns home. Kulwant asks why did she return early from the party. Seher says Prince is injured. Kulwant says it’s just a small scratch. Seher says it’s not about the injury but loneliness, prince gets afraid easily even today when is alone, she always wants to stay beside Prince as he feels safe when she is around him.

Kulwant feels guilty for not accepting Harnoor. Seher assures her that they will find Mannat soon. Mannat hears their conversation and leaves from there. She feels that Kulwant and Seher are suffering because of her and she cannot ruin her family’s peace by revealing the truth. Kulwant notices Mannat’s injury and gets concerned for her.

She applies haldi on her injury. Mannat gets emotional seeing that. Kulwant remembers her grandchild and cries. Mannat consoles her. Kulwant hugs her emotionally.

Zorawar requests Kiara to design a logo for their new factory and reveals that he is going to open a bawan bagh phulkari design dupatta factory to produce. Kiara feels happy hearing that.

He says he will fulfill all his mother’s dreams. She says her brother is the best. Harleen says Zorawar is like Sarabjeet who can do anything for the family. Robbie wishes best of luck to Zorawar. Zorawar asks Kiara that he wants a logo with just their mother’s name and doesn’t want a surname.

Rajveer returns home upset. Seher senses he is upset and apologizes to him. She then walks away when Prince asks her to feed him. Kulwant plays cards with her family and asks Mannat to join them. Mannat helps Kulwant to win. Bittu learns that they are cheating. Karan notices Rajveer upset and asks reason.

Rajveer says that he wants Seher to spend time with him. Mannat suggests him to take Seher somewhere alone. After some time, Rajveer books a whole dhaba to spend quality time with Seher and takes her there. She understands that he booked a whole dhaba for her. Mannat and others try to entertain -Prince,

but he gets adamant and asks for Seher. Rajveer gets irritated when Seher continues talking only about Prince to Rajveer and reminds her that she is also his wife. She says Prince should be their priority now and she doen’t want anyone to question her upbringing. She walks away from there leaving Rajveer more frustrated.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2022
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