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Choti Sardarni 28th October 2021 Rajveer asks do you even know ky favorite color? Seher is confused. She says blue? You’re eating it. No? Red? Beige pants? He says no. Seher says I don’t even know that, she’s imagining. She says Raj is not even here. His imagination asks do you know my favorite movie? Seher says ddlj? He says no. You don’t know my birthday, favorite color or movie. And you say you love me. Seher says I love you but.. he’s not there.

Rajveer comes for real. Sehrr thinks it’s infatuation. She says so you are back? I don’t know your favorite color or fruit or anything. I wanna know everything. Your likes dislikes. I’m so sorry I never tried to know it. Rajveer says what are you saying? Are you okay? Seher says you’ll disappear again and ask another question. Come back for real. I miss you. She hugs him. Seher recalls her moments with Rajveer.

Rajveer says you’re seeing my dreams with open eyes? Surprise. Seher says this is real rajveer. What did I say in front of him. Did he find out that I.. i have to play it cool. Rajveer meets dida. Rajveer looks at Seher and says she wants to know it all about me. Rajveer says Seher I.. seher says I.. seher sees cotton on his shoulder. Rajveer says cotton, those kids waved it at me.

Scene 2
The kids wait for Seher. The guard shows gilori video of Seher asking kids questions. He says if camera wasn’t there, they must have told her everything. Should we punish them? Gilori says this girl will come again. She has a doubt now. Punishing the kids won’t do anything now. we have to do permanent treatment of this problem.

Scene 3
Seher asks Rajveer what’s your favorite holiday place? He says Jhoomri talaya. Seher says stop joking. He says superstars don’t tell these details to fans. She says stop it. He says it’s the asme as yours. Moscow City. Seher says how do you know my favorite holiday destination? He says I read it in your eyes. your favorite food is saag, your drink is latte. Your favorite movie is DDLJ and favorite song is lathe di chada.

Seher gets emotional. Rajveer says what happened? Lioness doesn’t cry. Seher says how do you know so much about me? You only know so much if you love someone for long. Rajveer says in heart I have loved you as long as I have known. Rajveer smiles. He says nothing.

Rajveer says Seher.. All my favorite food is here. Let’s eat. Harshdeep says I got it made but Seher will make you eat it. Harsh says my hands aren’t broken. Harshdeep says bad joke. Harshdeep says you’re planning a baby. You should be close. There are 5 senses. Your love is incomplete until you get to the root of these five senses. Harshdeep says Seher make Raj eat and Raj will make you eat. Raj says but..

Seher says keep sitting. I will make you eat with my hands. Seher makes Rajveer eat. The song mein taa tere naal plays. Rajveer makes Seher eat. They both smile together. Rajveer coughs. Seher gives him water. The maid looks at them and smiles. Rajveer makes Seher eat. Rajveer says do you want to say anything? Seher says nothing. Seher asks am I your best friend? He says yes. Best of the best. Seher says do you have another best friend? He says no just you. Seher smiles.

Rajveer goes to his room and dances. He dances with the pillow. Seher says so I am still his best friend? So he doesn’t love me? Are we more than best friends? How will I clear this confusion? Rajveer says she loves me. My one sided love is compeleted. I will confess my love to her. seher I love you. He runs with the flowers.

Seher comes in. The flowers fall on Seher. the song sanson ko sanson mein plays. Seher smiles at Rajveer. Rajveer says I first. Seher says first me. HE says me first. He says ladies first. rajveer says the one who loved first will say it. I fell in love with you first. Rajveer kneels down. Rajveer says I fell in love with you at first sight. I made you my world. Before making you my friend, I was in love with you. I knew you were someone else’s but I love you. And see God’s plan. You’re mine now.

Seher says shut up. She’s shocked. Rajveer says what happened? Seher says you cheat. you drama. This was all your drama. This was a trap. Seher says no please. she says loved me before being my friend. That’s why you were after me. No wonder that factory fire, you coming back to my life, Kunal missing, us getting married,

it was all your plan because you wanted to get me. Seher cries. Rajveer says that’s not the case Seher. She says it is. Rajveer says you’re getting it wrong. Seher says if you loved me why didn’t you tell me then? Do you want to say ever since you met me, it was all coincidence? We got married because of the circumstances or your plan? I trusted you the most and you broke my heart and trust. Rajveer says no Seher.


Choti Sardarni 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher recalls Omkar’s poem. Seher says they are kept out of sight. Those kids were pretending to be happy. I have to go and save those kids. Rajveer says I will go with you. Seher says why can’t I go alone?

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Telecast Date:28th October 2021
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