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Choti Sardarni 11th November 2021 Seher comes downstairs. Rajveer looks at her the song kithay chali re plays. He smiles looking at her. Rajveer says you look so pretty. Seher says these are nani’s clothes. The kids come and hug Seher.

Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana, we have to find about Kunal. Bitu says but Seher never married Kunal? Kulwant slaps him and says I know that too. I have to find out what went wrong? Call. Bitu says but I don’t have Kunal’s number.

She says call Ranga. She says Ranga how are you? He says Sarpanj ji.. Kulwant says I have sent you a photo. His name is Kunal. I want all details related to him. Rana says who is Ranga? She says a useful man. He knows everything who gets lost, who dies. Bitu says get ready for diwali.

Seher says kids there’s a special surprise your Raj brother organized for you. He shows them painting from sand art. The kids make sand paintings with Rajveer. They’re very happy. Rajveer makes a hold. Seher holds his hand. Their theme song plays.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes donwstairs. Harshdeep say I will teach her a lesson today. Ranga calls Kulawnt. He says my men told me someone kidnapped Kunal when he came from Canada to Punjab. Kulwant says I want every report related to him.

Seher said he was a cheat.. Harsh looks at the wires. Kulwant says I need answers to this Kunal riddle. Harshdeep says you will die. She says to her man no one else should go near the wires. Rajveer and Seher come there. Harshdeepis shocked. Harshdeep says I meant.. Rajveer says you organized such a good party. Seher says we will take care of you.

Rajveer stops Seher and says make me eat the sweet too. Seher makes him eat the sweets. Seher makes him eat. He bites her finger. Seher screams.. He says sorry sorry. Did I hurt you? He says sorry. Seher says idiot. She laughs. Seher says to Kulwant mummy ji do you want anything? She says no. Rajveer says tell me mummy ji. Seher says let me see the guests. Harshdeep looks at Kulwant. Kulwant smiles. Harhsdeep recalls what she said. Kulawnt smirks at her.

Rajveer gives Seher a gift. Seher gives him a gift too. The song tu khuwaba hai mera plays. Rajveer turns around and says I want to tell you something Seher. I love you the most. I love you more than my life. My breaths and heartbeats have only one name. I love you Seher. More than my life. He turns around. Seher sin’t there. She is with a guest and says sorry. Seher comes and says what were you saying? He says nothing.

Scene 3
Karan plays with the kids and gives them toys. Param says Karan you didn’t eat sweets? KAran says neither did you. Param says thinking about nani? Me too. I wish she was okay. Karan says yes we would enjoy so much. Everything looks incomplete. Param says I wish nani knew us. I wish she was our old nani. Kulwant comes and says are you both talking about me? Kulwant says see these laddus I made. She makes them eat. Param and Karan get happy. Kulwant says in heart I am helpless. I have to save Seher.

Seher gives diwali gifts to all the kids. They say you and Rajveer are so nice. Rajveer prays to God to give him courage. Seher runs. Rajveer holds her. Seher says what? He says I want to say something. Seher says me too. Rajveer says I.. Rajveer says I.. Omkar comes and says Rajveer I made this card for you. Seher says I didn’t check dinner arrangements. Let me go.

Kulwant says to Harshdeep I have sent the papers. Harshdeep says what? You said you won’t do anything till Diwali. Kulwant says it’s in Rajveer’s hands. Rajveer looks at the paper Omkar gave him. Harshdeep is scared. Harshdeep says to Rajveer this is my letter. He says Omkar gave it to me. Harshdeep says let me see. You meet the guests. Kulwant says to Harshdeep got scared? Don’t increase your BP. Listen to me and do what I said. You don’t have time.


Choti Sardarni 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant says to Seher someone tried to kill me. Seher says who would try to kill you? Kulwant says so you don’t get to know the truth Seher. Seher says you know I am Seher? She says sorry I had to pretends. Seher says who tried to kill you? She points at Harshdeep.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2021
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