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Choti Sardarni 10th November 2021 Rajveer and Seher prepare for Diwali. Rajveer says let’s take a selfie. He puts a crown on Karan. They all laugh and take a selfie.

Harshdeep comes to the dhaba. She sees her corruption documents places on the wall. She tears them in anger. Harshdeep is angry. Kulwant comes there on a bike. She drives around Harshdeep. Harshdeep coughs. Kulwant says you can’t even be a secretary, how can you be a CM? Your country’s dust makes you cough?

How will you serve this land? Kulwant says tear more papers. These were just copies. Harsh says where are the original papers? Kulwant says where they should be. Harsh shouts where are the original papers? Kulwant says have lassi and calm down. Harshdeep says don’t mess with me. Kulwant says I can mess with God for my Seher. Who are you? You printed this death warrant for my daughter?

Harhsdeep recalls the contract she made to choose the kid over Seher. Harshdeep takes the paper and eats it. Kulwant takes more copies out and says keep eating them. I have thoudans of them. Harshdeep throws it anger and says what do you want? Kulwant says I feel bad for you.

Kulwant says you had many dreams and plans but they are all over. You didn’t know who Seher’s grandmom is. Atari’s lioness, Kulwant Kaur. Your eyes are open, now listen with open ears too. By the time Diwali ends you will go and tell Seher you don’t want her child. You’ve seen what I can do. If you listen to me, I can forgive you. Otherwise, I will blast you like diwali bomb.

Scene 2
Rajveer plays with firecrackers. Seher says who does it in the morning? He says there are so many bombs. Do it, it’s so much fun. Seher throws water on them. Seher says so many crackers? He says it’s diwali. She says no need to do this. It creates so much pollution. Rajveer says it’s such a big festival.

She says yes, no pollution on the festival. Eat sweets and light candles. It scares animals, creates bad breathing space for elders. And noise pollution. He says you talk all day. That creates noise pollution. Seher says there will be no crackers here. Parma says seher is right. Karan says no Rajveer is right. Seher says so I am wrong? Rajveer says Karan is on my side. Seher says Param in on my side. they fight.

Seher puts a rasgulla in Rajveer’s mouth. He makes Seher eat too. He says happy diwali. I think you are right. So much pollution, no crackers. Param says this is called love. Karan says you guys look madly in love. Seher and Rajveer leave.

Scene 3
Harshdeep says every dog has a day. Today is your day, when my day comes, you will be quiet. Kulwant says it won’t ever. Remember you only have time till diwali ends. Kulwant leaves. Harshdeep says I will teach her a lesson.

Scene 4
Seher packs gifts in her room. Kulwant comes. Seher says where you? She says I went out with Bitu and Rana. She says these gifts? For me? Seher says what do you want? We have princess, clown, chocolates. Kulwant says I only want your happiness. Seher says tonight there’s a party in the house. We will all celebrate together. Kulwant hugs her. She says the one who has a pure heart, God tests them the most. God is always with his right people. She gets teary. Kulwant says don’t forget my gift. Seher kisses her hand.

Scene 5
At night, the kids come. Rajveer says happy diwali. He hugs them all. The kids say we will party. Rajveer says first eat. He says all this for you. Eat whatever you want. The kids get sad looking at the food. They say is this all for us? Rajveer says yes. The girl says would you take it all back like Gilori tai? Rajveer says no kids. This is all for you. You will buy it all. You will buy things with this fake money here. He gives them all money. Seher looks at him and smiles. Rajveer says everything for Rs. 50. The guys buy things from Rajveer. Rajveer says eat all you want.

Harshdeep welcomes all the guests. A waiter says ma’am we did as you said. Harshdeep says in heart where are you Kulwant Kaur? Kulwant looks at Meher’s photo and says I don’t deserve your pardon. Please forgive me if you can. I did really bad with you. She hears Meher saying you did bad with me mummy ji. Kulwant says my Meher.. Meher says don’t you miss me? Kulwant says I miss you every day. Kulwant says forgive me please. Meher says what’s the point of forgiving now? It’s too late. Kulwant says it’s never too late.

Seher comes in and says mummy ji we are getting late. Meher says I wanted to do something special for your SIL. I don’t know what to do. Kulwant says let me tell you. Kulwant brings a saree and old jewelry. She says you will look so pretty in this. These are your mom’s. His eyes glim bright with you dress well. Seher says mom’s? Kulwant says these are mine. I used to wear them when I was young. I will get you ready today.

Kulwant gets Seher ready. She makes her wear Meher’s jewelry. Seher and Meher look at them and smile. Kulwant says you look so pretty. Rajveer plays with the kids. He says did you like the gift? Kids say yes. Rajveer says the main surprise is left. He stands up. Seher comes downstairs. Rajveer holds his heart and says don’t kill me. You look so pretty. Param says she looks like Meher mama. Karan says completely.


Choti Sardarni 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer and Seher dance on tum paas aye. Kulwant calls his man. He tells her that Kunal came to Punjab from Canada but after that he was lost. Harshdeep says I will burn you alive today Kulwant Kaur. She looks at the wires.

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