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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Kamini offering money to Rangoli. She says money can solve all your problems, I can give it to you. Rangoli looks at her house. Aai sits with Shashi. Chiku looks on. Aai says Joshi family bahus used to make sweets on diwali every year, Nupur won’t make it, and Kamini doesn’t know cooking, I have knee pain, else I would have made the sweets myself. Chiku thinks how to help her.

Abha says Savitri called us here and apologized, its the power of festivals. Naresh says you also love them, no need to have these fights, bring sweetness in the family. Nupur says divorce papers are signed, the truth can’t be changed, nothing can happen now. He says relation’s truth isn’t written on papers, listen to your heart, follow the path shown by the heart, distance will end. Chiku comes to them. Nupur asks what are you doing here. Chiku says Abha is elder, so I m massaging her knees. Nupur asks what do you want to say. Chiku says Aai was telling Shashi that prasad should be made like every year, she has knee pain.

She makes Nupur emotional. She says Aai will not be able to make the sweets. She emotionally blackmails. Kamini says I have handled Chiku now. Aai asks her to come with her, there is much work in the kitchen. Kamini says I will order the sweets. Aai says no, we don’t order food from outside, Shashi can’t eat outside food, Nupur won’t cook this year, I won’t let our traditions break, I will make you cook, I will tell you, you cook. Kamini says my hands have no magic like you. Aai says come with me. She takes Kamini.

They come to the kitchen. Chiku says Nupur made all this, it should not spoil. Vinod says I can’t let this spoil, she made it with hard work. Aai smiles seeing the sweets made and goes. Aai says Nupur made everything as I taught her, like Shashi likes, I can see happiness of diwali in this house today, I wish Nupur and Milind’s relation also turns sweet. Chiku thanks Bappa. She thinks Nupur and family should unite. Aai goes. Kamini says my planning will go waste if this happens.

She calls Rangoli. She asks for her work. Its morning, Aai asks servant to decorate the things. Chiku feeds snacks to Shashi. Aai says Ghar’s laxmi makes the rangoli at the door. She takes the colours to sit there and make it. Nupur comes and takes the colours from her. She makes Aai sit down. She sits there and makes the Rangoli. Chiku says our plan is going well. Milind looks on and smiles. Abha and Naresh also smile. Phir laut aai zindagi….plays… Abha says Nupur has prepared all these things. Milind asks Nupur did? He smiles and eats the sweets.

Chiku prays and says I wish I was making rangoli with my mummy, make me meet my real mummy. Everyone sees the beautiful jewellery. Aai and Abha say its beautiful. They smile. The jeweller’s manager comes. Kamini says I have ordered the surprise. She asks them to see it themselves. She shows the gold idols. Aai asks what’s all this.

Kamini says its my wish, we didn’t do puja of Laxmi and Ganpati since Payal left, we used to do puja before. She reminds the rituals. She says our family is nearly breaking, so I ordered such beautiful idols to do the same puja as before. She requests Aai. Shashi holds Savitri’s hand and nods. She smiles. She says we will do the puja in a grand way. Chiku asks a tricky question to Naresh. Milind hears them.

Naresh answers her. He says where there is love, there is right, one returns there always with rights, what belongs to us, comes back to us always. Milind goes. Chiku smiles.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nupur scolds Chiku for stealing and throws her out of the house. Chiku cries and says I will find my real mum.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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